Health Coach


corporate wellness program, employee wellness program, Corporate wellness companyRight “calls”, “placement”, “training” and “exercise” these are the basic needs for every person running towards the goal. Either this is the goal on the field or this is health goal everybody needs a good coach.

Health coach is the first concept with the employee wellness. They will be appointed to keep an eye on all the progress and will be telling your employee regularly that how they can jump the hurdles.

Health Coaches are appointed to help all the At Risk members make positive changes in their lives. Coaches communicate with each participant monthly over the phone and via email. Building upon the foundation of healthy diet, exercise, lifestyle changes and effective stress management, Coaches teach and equip participants to make proper health choices.

Health Coaches primarily target At Risk group within a company or a group and engage them in one on one coaching. Coaches review RFA (Risk factor analysis), Biometric Results, Ayurvedic Profile and all relevant details and on the basis of these videos, books are recommended. Along with this Coaches help the groups to set goals and teach them effectively use of all the eVaidyaJi wellness products.

Engaging a participant in a one on one relationship provides accountability and mentorship, both proven to increase the effectiveness of lifestyle change. This relationship also enables the Coaches to provide specific information for each individual’s needs. Using this information Health Coaches set individualized goals to improve each participant’s health.

Lifestyle Changes made by an individual are often adopted by family members and coworkers, creating a greater coast savings for the company and healthy, more effective employees.

If you have opted for some other wellness program, we can appoint the health coaches to guide your employee to achieve the best of the health and attain that.