To place right people in right group is the core of planning.

This becomes important to regard individuality.

Main steps of a planning are to manage the individuals in right groups so that solutions can be applied on them easily and properly. This makes the implementation of the program very easy.

eVaidyaJi employee wellness program is a planning for continuous growth and maintenance of the health and this becomes essential to mark people who are on a high risk in terms of health. This helps to assure and insure the complete health of the people. We do grouping with the same approach. It gives proper idea to implement our health tools with complete efficiency in a company.

Everybody has different needs and it becomes easy to care the “special people” who need some “special care” and motivation to achieve their ultimate goals of the health.

We divide the individuals on the following parameter

By doing so we can easily decide the level of concentration and what kind of information and knowledge should be shared with the group of employees to give the best of health to the employees.

The other drawback of the routine corporate wellness programs is- non involvement of the employees. This is all because of improper planning of the program. If you ask a “bald person” to join a seminar on saving the falling hairs- he won’t present in the seminar. The “listener” for this seminar will be a person whose hairs are falling. So it is important to mark the exact audience for the program before we launch the program.

Second problem is that we keep on forcing the employees to listen what we have. No! Don’t make everyone to be in same uniform, this will bring confusion among them and won’t be good to encourage someone.

Once we make groups, we keep on checking that who is where and who needs what. These groups are not fix! We will me grouping the employees as per the sessions and seminars. The grouping will be applicable on- email forwarding and posting the materials to your employee.

We need to make sure the wellness of your employee which translates as benefit of the company.