Fitness Profile

We will hand over all your result in form of a complete Health Profile at your place and this profile will be having the following Details for you:

  • Complete Results of the Body Test and a report on their basis.
  • Body Analysis Report with comments and details regarding your health.
  • Ayurvedic Profile with complete analysis about your Dosha.

COMPOSITE REPORT on the basis of all the data available with us about you, this report will be prepared with all the inputs of the above three. This HEALTH PROFILE will detail about-




·         HEALTH PROFILE will be totally individual and personalized.

·         All reports and analysis will be done manually under the supervision of best physicians and they will only make your report final.

·         No inputs from any electronic equipments like computers to finalize your HEALTH PROFILE.

·         Best recommendations for you will be discussed in the report

·         Everything in a common language, we know this will be for a non-medico not for doctors.

You pay for medical insurance and then wait or visit to get the benefits of the same investment. Here we have brought this Program for you Where you will invest to “STAY HEALTHY”

Choice is yours, you wish to invest on diseases or on health??

For years most of us Health Services never meant anything with Diet and Lifestyle, because ultimate solution for health was considered- some pills, capsules and for some emergency conditions some injections. Things have changed a lot in recent years and now these are Diet and Lifestyle, cause can be understood from this table.......

So we have all the tools to assure you a complete health in all possible ways and we can do the same without filling you too much pills, capsules and other form of medicines.

Please note: We are offering the same fitness profile for our Executive and Premium members also, but only in case of corporate program we are doing the blood tests. If one can provide us all the blood test reports and other desired blood tests our physicians will be happy to provide you a complete fitness profile with all the relevant details, because our all the efforts are for your complete wellness and wellness is never partial.