Employee Wellness Programs

eVaidyaJi Wellness has different programs and plans for health of your employee. These different plans are designed to give you the freedom to select one. This is important, your freedom to select.

These different plans are according to the “comprehensiveness”. The program with your company won’t be named as the following. That you can select with us, to give the perfect feel to your employee. The plans discussed here are to make you easy to select one according to your needs. The pricing is not discussed here because costing of the program is dependent on different factors and we don’t want to be impractical about this, just leave an email to us and we will be back to you with all the relevant details about the cost and all other requirements.

Online Program: This program is based mostly on the internet. This program is for those employers who want to give basic health facilities to their employees. This program will cover the following – Diet Consultation, Yoga Consultation, Lifestyle Management and Seasonal health tracking.

This program is online, no doubt, still there will be direct involvement of the Physicians/Trainers/Dietitian with your employee Know more…

Onsite Wellness Programs: These are the programs, which have direct involvement of eVaidyaJi Team with your employees. We have different versions of these programs and these programs have a different approach. These programs are more personalized and comprehensive. Range for these programs is vast. Know more

Health Audits: We do health audits for your company to give you the exact idea how much your company is losing due to unhealthy employees and how much will be your benefits by adopting the right Corporate Wellness Program and what are the needs of your company.

Yoga Workshops: We can provide the yoga seminars for a short period too. We will provide the experts and complete services to your company for the Yoga Workshops.

Special Programs: eVaidyaJi Wellness offers the special programs like- Smoking Cessation Workshops, Personality Development Workshops, Seminars on Ergonomics and it might be a special workshop for the female employees for their problems right from health to relations.

Executive Meets with Rejuvenation: How is the idea about bringing the holistic touch to the executive meets in a resort with Ayurveda and Yoga and all other special add on for the complete wellness of your core employees. What matters is the performance of your employee, which can turn into the performance of your company