Emotional Health

Health is a multidimensional approach. These different dimensions are- physical health, psychological health, spiritual health and many more and all are equally important and of use for managing complete health. We all have seen major developments in the field of physical health and these developments have changed a lot in the scenario of complete health. But the main aim of any medicinal or therapeutic science cannot be one dimension but on contrary to this people behind modern medical science are not concerned about anything of this. They are developing new ways to change the body parts and are trying to mechanize the medical sciences and result is this that medical sciences are under the curriculum in the leading engineering and technology institutions. No doubt the nanotechnology might change the course of medicinal world but in any way this cannot control or cover up the psychological and emotional aspects of the health.

Will we remain helpless in case of psychological health?

Won’t there be any option to get rid from Stress, Anxiety and Depression?

Will diseases keep on coming to our life through our brain cells?

Yes- you won’t be able to get rid of all these issues- is the answer for those who will be looking at the new interventions of modern medical sciences and will keep on waiting for the technology which will reboot your brain.

No- you will be able to maintain your emotional and psychological health for sure- is the answer when you are ready to opt for the timeless, eternal wisdom of Ayurveda and Yoga.

Reasons are simple and straight.

Modern medical sciences are looking for newer combinations to sedate your brain cells to not work properly and leave those without senses. Think that you leave the cells senseless which are designed to manage and monitor your senses. So how can they assure your emotional health and wellness of your brain?

Ayurveda works in a different way-

  •  Ayurveda enlightens the dark corners of the brain
  •  Ayurveda brings emotional wake up in the cells of the brain
  •  Ayurveda is designed to manage and maintain the best working conditions of the brain
  •  Ayurveda brings the balance of the Physical as well as Psychological health

The best tools of Ayurveda are the herbs of Ayurveda and these bring natural wellness in the body

This route is different from the normal route what modern medical sciences have opted till the date and are planning to do so for the future.

Beside this the second tool is Yoga:

  •   Yoga is developed to connect and reunite the internal and external pools of energy
  •   Yoga augments to enlighten the inner-self on oneself.
  •   Yoga keeps the balance between inner and outer environments
  •   Yoga brings the natural harmony in the body.

These are some points about Yoga which are important to know about and modern medical sciences will take years to find the way like Ayurveda and Yoga to heal and help the psychological part. The psychological and emotional wellness if disturbed brings a lot of diseases like-

  •   Insomnia
  •   Depression
  •   Anxiety
  •  Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
  •   Rheumatic Diseases
  •   Cancer
  •   Hormonal Disturbances
  •   Obesity
  •   Diabetes
  •  Hypertension
  •  Cardiac Diseases
  •  Gynaecological Diseases etc.

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The solutions we wish to provide you will be individualized and if we speak about Ayurveda all the Doshas have their own traits, these are follows:

Vata: These Vata people are full of mood imbalance and unstable just like Vata. If bounded with some rules it might lead them to suffocation at mental level and this suffocation brings a lot of depression which lead to addiction

Pitta: Pitta people are aggressive and emotional and these emotions bring a lot of attachments for others and small upsets can bring big effect on their mental level. They are more prone to hormonal imbalances.

Kapha: Introvert in nature, not that open and this brings a lot of problems with such people and make them depressive and leaves them alone always.

Now you can understand what is the importance of the Doshas in connection with Mental, emotional or psychological health. Go ahead and change the rest course of your life with Ayurveda. Stay tuned with Ayurveda register and login with Ayurveda!