Diet for Winters

Winters have knocked on the doors, this time it is strong enough to wake up. Result of global warming or of anything, one thing is clear that we need to do something for our body to maintain health and to stay away from the diseases. The best and preferred way for this is to alter the dietary habits.

eVaidyaJi Wellness will be updates according to seasons and seasonal changes to keep you healthy. We are the only health company which concern about maintenance of the health not about diseases; because we understand you will achieve that for what you are trying.

Winters are thought to be the seasons for heavy diet, rich in calories, sweet (at least in India we have this version of diet). Every home will have some sweet, rich in ghee items with them to start the day. This diet is thought to be the main diet for everyone and is thought to fight against the diseases. True? Not very true! Ayurveda has other thoughts and obviously what Ayurveda says is the perfect thing about the diet.

Body needs more energy - true!

Body needs to warm up – true!

Rich in calorie food is the option – NOT TRUE!

The period of winters is told to be rich with the quality of nutrition naturally. As per Ayurveda- the Sun, which works as a sucker in months of summer, is now helpful for the body and the Moon- which is already have strengthening effects on the body, will be more powerful and this will bring more nutrition to the body. So we need the food with less nutritional value and heavy to digest.

Heavy to digest foods are the main foods for the season. Heavy to digest never means that it will bring more and more calories to the body. Not necessary. Foods which are high in calories can be light to the gut like your soft drinks or cola drinks. These are high in calories but easy to digest. So you should concentrate on the foods like this. But never forget to follow the Dietary recommendations according to your Dosha and Body type. You cannot change or alter – what you are, you just need to respect that. The food hard to digest will help you to get rid of the problems with body weight. But your foods should have a proper amount of oleation (if possible take some ghee) to combat and fight against the dryness of the body.

So your diet should be: “Heavy to digest but low in calorie, with some good oleation for your body

The foods which you should avoid are- cold in nature, which slows down your system and easy to digest. Green leafy vegetables are not that good food for your health ans believe us there are certain complications of the High Fibre Diet on your body!

The baseline for good healthy food is- Respect regional guidelines, follow traditions and select seasonal vegetable and fruits for your meals.

Know all about your diet and lifestyle these according to your Doshas and body types, register with and make your profile. Rest we will do for you.