Comprehensive Corporate Wellness Program

Our routine interventions include:

Two parts, in one part where we are providing the details directly to your employee and on the other part, we provide the report and data to you also.

To your employee: 

Risk Factor Analysis Yoga Sessions
Biometric Screening Behavioral Change Program
Ayurveda Body Profiling Stress Management Seminars
Personal Fitness Report  Rejuvenation Program 
Health Guide Live Support
Grouping Health eZine
Health Coaches Consultation 
Health Seminars    

To Human Resources Department:

Health Audit Report                        Health related displays
Employee Health Status Support to Catering staff/Partner
Segment wise reporting Defining unhealthy zones & Solution

All the support to your employee will be present on the internet and you can access your profile any where in the world by just loging in your profile. All the Health Stats for the company will be available online as a company page and this company page can only be viewed by your employee and HR team to maintain your privacy. 

We don’t have stitched clothes, what we will forcefully wear you! Your sizes are different, so are your requirements. So we believe in stitching the clothes according to your size and your needs.

Completely tailored program:

eVaidyaJi Wellness team will create a tailored program for your employees by auditing the “health” in your company by

Understanding the context of the environment in which program will be implemented.

Performing an analysis to assess the nature and extensiveness of the wellness program required.

Implementing a variety of services and interventions that are specific to the client’s workforce and company culture.

We are committed to support the company to bring the best results and these results can only be visible on your financial data sheets.