Body Profiling

“Knowledge is virtue and when this is about your own body, this is the greatest asset for anyone!”

We all are different but we all have some inherent characters and properties, we all born with some default settings- these default settings cannot be changed at any cost and in any way, so this is better to understand and follow these default settings for the optimum of the health.

Know your body type and Dosha type with Ayurveda

These settings decide- You, Your Behavior, Your Body Structure, Working of your Body, Pace of Body metabolism, Your walking attitude, Your Strengths and Your Weaknesses- what else you wish to be sure all that is decided by these default settings. When you say “default” settings that means everything! We have tools to find out these default settings of yours which can tell you that what exactly you and your body needs for.

Body Profiling is about finding status of your Doshas. The condition of Doshas in the body, this is not just to tell you that what you should buy from the portal, we work on your details and on behalf of these details we will provide you the following-

Ayurveda Diet Guidelines

Ayurveda Diet Plan

Yoga Plan

Lifestyle Plan

In the basic profile, these are available on a routine base, but when you upgrade your profile to premium and executive- a team of well trained and well informed physicians will work on your extensive details and everything will be more individualized and more personal for you. There you will find a Fitness Profile also with all these details.

This profiling on our website will help you to choose the right profession according to your Doshas and will also guide you that how can you manage your life properly and can achieve the best of the wellness.

So to know about your Doshas is not only important about your health, but also this is a necessary part for the complete wellness of yours. This profiling will help you to plan your economical, social and personal lives.

You will be able to use Dosha Analyzer and Health Risk Calculator by using the profile so you will be able to keep an eye on your progress in the sector of health.