Biometric Screening

How much and how?

These are two important questions about the body!

 Our body has a particular way which is always predefined to maintain the things in a proper way. Today we are leaving in an altered world, we had changed everything all according to our needs and with all this, our bodies have also changed and that makes the things more complicated day by day. This is better to measure and plan according to the basic needs of the body.

Here are some parameters  which give all informations  of yours basic needs of body.

Basal Metabolic Index

The best parameter to understand the body's requirement and to plan the healthy life according to this. Persons with higher BMI will be prone to knee pain, fatty liver, diabetes, hypertension, heart diseases, gall bladder stones, cancer and infertility

Body Fat Percentage

Body fat is a prominent issue nowadays, optimum body fat is becoming a rare case now and too much and too less body fat- both are unhealthy. So to be sure about the health this is important to understand 

Visceral Fat Percentage

Visceral fat is closely associated to the levels of the fat in blood stream which can lead to different diseases like hyperlipidemia and diabetes. Low level of the visceral fat exposes the organs for the outer ups and downs and leaves them in an unhealthy and unprotected state.

Subcutaneous Fat

This is the fat below the skin- this accumulates in different parts of the body and “de-shapes” the body. It causes the hypertension and other complications.

Skeletal Muscles

Skeletal muscles are the healthy part of the body and should be increased in an optimum percentage. Level of skeletal muscles and its ratio with the fat tells you that how much healthy you are exactly. This is important to understand level of these muscles in the body and you can decide level of exercise your body exactly needs for the proper working.

Body Age

How old you are and how old you have made your body by wrong diet and lifestyle. This is important that you should be in your age only and this assures that you will live longer. Your body has might lived the years what you have not till the date. So it is important to beware about this condition for surity of your health.

Resting Metabolism

A minimum level of the energy, required to sustain the body's everyday functions…gives an idea to dietary needs. This is the minimum level of the energy what body requires so that you can underline the intake of energy very easily for your wellness and complete health.

Fat and Muscle Percentage:

This will be telling the percentage of the Body fat and Skeletal muscles in different parts of the body- TRUNK, UPPER LIMBS, LOWER LIMBS

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