Behavioral Change Program

None can force anyone to change his/her behaviour. You can moderate the behaviour of anyone. This is a process, not a matter of one or two classes or brown-bag seminars. Hold the hand, show the path and inspire them to walk towards a new horizon is the policy for the Behaviour change program as a part of Corporate Wellness Program with eVaidyaJi Wellness.

Behaviour change cannot be done alone without incorporation of the change in Diet and Lifestyle. These all changes should be done according to the need of a person. These are all physiological as well as psychological needs, which should be considered. To assess these requirements we at eVaidyaJi Wellness do the primary steps like Risk Factor Analysis, Ayurvedic Body Profiling, Biometric Screening etc. to assess everything in detail. Sudden behaviour changes are not good for anyone and if you are paying for Behaviour Change of your employee, it should be a permanent change.

There are different stages that one goes through before changing their behaviour. It is just possible that your employee may have a health issue and not be aware of it. Health screening like Risk factor analysis, body profiling and education about health troubles with early revealing are really significant. It hardly matters how strongly you undertake to modify your employees' behaviour, nothing will happen until they decide that they are ready to make a change.

To make a change there must be a comprehension that there is a crisis or behaviour/health change that needs to take place. Sometimes the most difficult step is the first step because it is identifying that a change needs to take place. In order for a behaviour change to crop up, a person must be enthused. People can be motivated by their own feelings to change or they can be motivated by others around them such as spouses and children.

But this changes should never be on the cost of individual identity so all modifications should be within the limits of an individual character. If you want; your sales team and administration team members will behave similarly, there will be two conditions. In first condition; your sales team will be that much straight forward as should be your admin department. Second condition is when your admin team will be that tricky and diplomat as should be your sales team. Both are wrong. You need to bring a moderation in both of these teams.

Administration team should be an administration team and sales team should be according to needs. This is what we prefer at eVaidyaJi Wellness. We set goals and achieve these one by one by helping the Employees to adopt a new healthy behaviour by setting goals in order to change the behaviour.

  • Goals specific program with a particular time frame
  • Program should be realistic and practical
  • Small but realistic goals, one goal can have many steps
  • Reward points
  • Keep the personal individuality above everything

Your workforce can discover how to hold on their behaviour for a comprehensive period of time. After a while they will be able to make their "new behaviour" a routine. With the intention of continue their behaviour eventually it is necessary to observe small changes as positive gains. Remember: Small changes are the base of bigger changes. Employees need continued support from co-workers, friends, and family.

Make sure to endow wisely and provide behaviour change programs that support the goals of your corporate wellness program.  Behaviour change programs are well worth the cost and should be considered a critical element of any corporate wellness program.  This claim is also supported by research and has been shown to contribute to a positive corporate wellness ROI.