Ayurvedic Treatment of Alzheimer disease

For modern science human body is more a mechanical system and this make them advanced in surgery department, but once it comes to the problems with the functioning of the body, modern medical science seems impractical and insufficient in that area. Alzheimer’s is one of the problems with the working of the body and same happens with the modern day medicine here. Alzheimer’s has been declared as a – irreversible and incurable condition by the modern day health system.

There are three main points about the treatment of the Alzheimer’s which modern science has. These are really very true for the management of the problem, this is very clear that these are the measures to manage the condition...not the solutions. Here are these-

  • Think prevention. It is very difficult to predict what a person with Alzheimer's might do. Just because something has not yet occurred does not mean it should not be cause for concern. Even with the best-laid plans, accidents can happen. Therefore, checking the safety of your home will help you take control of some of the potential problems that may create hazardous situations.
  • Adapt the environment. It is more effective to change the environment than to change most behaviors. You can make changes in an environment to decrease the hazards and stressors that accompany these behavioral and functional changes.
  • Minimize danger. By minimizing danger, you can maximize independence. A safe environment can be a less restrictive environment where the person with Alzheimer's disease can experience increased security and more mobility.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Alzheimer:-

Ayurveda can reverse the problem? Complete lie! Ayurveda can cure the problem of the Alzheimer’s disease? This is also not very true, so first of all we request you to stay away from the false claims by some quacks that this condition can be cured completely by some magical herbal remedies. Ayurveda never claim this. Before we talk about the treatment let’s talk about few things about Alzheimer’s disease so that we can understand how Ayurveda can cure or help Alzheimer’s Disease-

This is a Vata disorder: Alzheimer’s is a Vata disorder and it is deeply associated with the decay of the body. Decay not only means- loss of cells/nutrients alone. Decay can be on any front, even psychological front too. So this is very important to manage the decay of the body. About decay we need to make it sure that we can delay the process of body aging, can neither reverse it nor cease this process of the aging. Modern science lacks this kind of understanding that is why they have only measures to manage the harm to life, not even the management of the condition.

Alzheimer’s is a process: Alzheimer’s is a process which keep on going and that is the reason it keeps on distorting with the time. We need to underline the different causes behind the disease. This is how we can slow down the process.

Alzheimer’s Disease needs more care: This not only about the medicines, we need to manage the proper diet and lifestyle both to control the aggression of the Alzheimer’s disease completely.

On behalf of above said three points, there is a specific line of treatment, what we are following since years with our team of Vaidyas in our different clinics and consultations. These points are indicating for three different steps for the Ayurvedic management of Alzheimer’s disease, here are these-

1.    Complete Nourishment: There are two variants of the treatment in Ayurveda (whole treatment can be subdivided into two categories); one is Aptarpana (treatment aimed to reduce) and second is Samptarpana (to nourish). So here in case of Alzheimer’s disease we need to do the Samtaprpana Treatment by using appropriate herbs, diet. Of course, we need to support the person with- happiness, zeal and care so that it will nourish one’s psychological part too.

2.    Removal of Causes: Dryness, roughness, instability and high mobility in body or mind are the main causes for Vata aggravation, so the second option is to combat all these causes by selecting the right kind of herbs, food supplements and diet for the purpose.

3.    Healthy Diet and Lifestyle: Solitude and avoidance brings more problems to everyone. These are not the answers and to keep the patient with some “place” where one will be cared in a mechanical way is not the solution of the problem. Solution is to maintain the warmth of the relations and to manage the diet in the same way. As per Ayurveda what we eat, reflects directly on our body and mind so it is important to manage the diet in right direction.

These are the three main points what we care a lot while planning for the Ayurvedic management of the Alzheimer’s disease. The complete treatment plan or treatment kit for the Alzheimer’s disease is planned in the same way by our learned Vaidyas. Check the Ayurvedic Medicines for Alzheimer’s disease


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