Ayurvedic Treatment for Piles

Treatment of Piles

There are several methods of treating hemorrhoid piles treatment, there are ointments, soothing creams, and suppositories that may help relieve the pain and itchiness. These products may be available with or without prescriptions and there are also some that are created with local anaesthetic like lidocaine for example. Furthermore, products that contain corticosteroids can help lessen inflammation and pain.

In case you failed to follow the guidelines above on how to get rid of piles then you can simply opt for the following remedy to help cure the trouble:

  • Banding- this is often referred to as rubber band ligation which is accompanied by the application of rubber bands within the internal hemorrhoid in order to hinder blood supply.
  • Sclerotherapy- during this process, the doctor will have to inject a chemical solution within the areas of the hemorrhoid that will trigger the veins to collapse and so it will eradicate the hemorrhoid.
  • Infrared light- infrared light is known to be effective in cutting the circulation into the small internal hemorrhoids.
  • Surgery:- In severe cases, piles treatment would include haemorrhoidectomy which refers to the process of removing the piles surgically. This option is chosen by most doctors among people who are suffering from third or fourth degree piles, or among those cases wherein banding or sclerotherapy did not worked. This process is done by means of general anaesthetic which simply suggests that you will fall asleep in the span of the operation process and you will not feel any pain.

Medical treatment of Piles other than the use of PILEX is initially aimed at relieving symptoms. Measures to reduce symptoms include:

  • Warm tub or sitz bath several times a day.
  • Ice packs to help reduce swelling.
  • Application of a hemorrhoid cream or suppository.

Surgical treatments include:


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