Ayurvedic Treatment for Migraine

Migraine, painful drastic condition where you feel that someone is cutting your head with a saw or an axe. This condition is only manageable by modern medicines, but is curable with Ayurveda. Here are the basic details about the Migraine and how Ayurveda thinks about Migraine. Here we go with the Ayurvedic Treatment for Migraine.

Treatment according to Modern health Sciences:

There is no specific cure for migraine headaches. The goal is to prevent symptoms by avoiding or changing the triggers.

Many different medications are available for people with migraines. Medicines are used to:

  • Reduce the number of attacks
  • Stop the migraine once early symptoms occur
  • Treat the pain and other symptoms

Other medicines are taken at the first sign of a migraine attack. Over-the-counter pain medications are often helpful, especially when your migraine is mild. (Be aware, however, that overuse or misuse of such pain medications may result in rebound headaches.)

Some migraine medicines narrow your blood vessels and should not be used if you are at risk for heart attacks or have heart disease, unless otherwise instructed by your health care provider. Ergots should not be taken if you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant, because they can cause serious side effects to an unborn baby.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Migraine:

According to Ayurveda all type of headaches are deeply associated with the digestive system of the body? This may sound funny and confusing too, but there are some facts which you should know about your GUT.

  • Our gut has more neurons than our brain and spinal cord collectively
  • The neurotransmitters like Serotonin are being secreted (maximum quantity) in intestines only.
  • Our elementary canal is well versed to make some decisions of good and bad.
  • You might have noticed some of the conditions where you had a psychological panic attack which resulted in disturbed digestive system

There are the few reasons why Ayurveda also recommends that headaches, specially the migraine should be treated through the gut to the head.

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Managing a Migraine attack:

When migraine symptoms begin:

  • Drink water to avoid dehydration, especially if vomiting is there
  • Rest in a quiet, darkened room
  • Place a cool cloth on your head

If you do not have access to medication you can try any of the Juice supplement from list below:

  • A juice made of apples and celery is supposed to be effective in treating Migraine.
  • A carrot, spinach and cucumber juice combination may also reduce the pain. 
  • Grape juice for migraine is also a good home remedy followed by many. Green or purple grapes can be juiced and this should be had pure, that is, without water. 
  • Tomato juice for migraine is also used by certain people as the Vitamin C in the tomato juice is supposed to be beneficial.
  • As for orange juice for migraine, this remedy is beneficial for some, but for others this may aggravate the headaches.

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