Ayurvedic Treatment for Menopausal Syndrome

Menopause!! This is a "pause" period of the menstrual cycle. all fertility related hormones are withdrawn by the body, because nature understands whether it is possible for the female body to concieve a baby or not in a particular age or not and all these processes took place accordingly. This phase is an important corner of the life for a female because life takes a different route all of sudden in this phase. This brings a lot of changes in a females life and all these changes and their effects are commonly known as "Menstrual Syndrome". 

Remember this is not a disease! This is a change......when all these changes are aggressive it bring a lot of dis-ease in the life and that makes this syndrome a disease. You need not to be very sensitive about all the changes taking place in your body and you will be easy with all these changes. 

Hormonal Medicines for Menopausal Syndrome? 

The first question with all type of treatments in modern science is their safety that is due to the "aggressiveness" of these medicines. These medicines are too fiery to control and this is the reason when there are aggressive changes are taking place in the body, how can these "aggressive" medicines can control that? All the medicines used regularly during the menopausal syndrome are there just to stop your body to react towards certain changes but all these have a lot of side effects. Quickness and aggressiveness will always leave some bruises on your body/mind. So you need not to be aggressive with your body. Understand the changes and follow these for complete treatment. 

Menopausal Syndrome is not only about some hormones: 

Generally it is thought that Menopausal Syndrome is only about the hormones and their actions on the body. This is not so! When we talk about menopausal syndrome- this also involves the effect of changes on the body and their results on the body. This might be the Water Retention in the body or the speedy-sloppy and slippery process of aging or it might be associated with your bones (osteoporosis) or with your behavior (irritation)- whatever it is, you need to combat all these with in the time. You need to be very sure that you are not going to surrender to any of these changes, at all. 

Modern medicines just look on the temporary condition and talk about the temporary relief from the problems, on contrary to this, Ayurveda is of different opinion. Ayurveda believes that once we are planning for a change- we should be ready for all the results of the change and this makes Ayurveda first natural choice for the problems like Menopausal Syndrome- either pre or post- hardly matters. 

Ayurvedic treatment of Menopausal Syndrome:

These are the Doshas, which are involved in all activities- whether the physiological, psychological or even the pathological. The changes associated with the Menopausal Syndrome are read as the changes in Doshas and this is the reason- Ayurveda has detailed different stages of a women's Dosha life. The Menopause period is a time where Pitta reduces and Vata increases, so there will be symptoms of these two all together. There might be a pattern where different doshas will be aggravated and in some other cases there will be a mix pattern with the signs and symptoms associated with the Doshas. So once your Doshas are in a balance and this transition phase is smooth instead of aggressive- there wont be any problems in case of the Menopausal Syndrome.

Natural Cure for Menopausal syndrome:

The Purpose of Ayurvedic treatment is to reduce symptoms and discomfort as well as to enhance well-being and prevent cardiovascular changes or osteoporosis, as stated above. The main concerns of Ayurvedic treatment of the Menopausal Syndrome are- 

  1. Assuring balanced health by bringing the Doshas in a harmony. 
  2. Maintenance of the balance of the psychological and physical axis- the body and mind balance.
  3. Slowing down the Process of aging
  4. Avoidance of the complications of the Menopause like- Osteoporosis, water retention, slow metabolism etc.
  5. Maintenance of your health in transition periods.

For Ayurveda this is not about replacement of some of the hormones, this is about bringing quality of life and health! Signs and symptoms are certainly reduced by using certain herbal supplements in Ayurveda but along with this, it is important to maintain your calmness at psychological level, this is the reason we have brought the solutions associated with the Yoga too so that you will be in best of the health. Years of research and experience is materialized in form of the Menopausal Syndrome Kit! You can find this on the page of Ayurvedic Treatment of Menopausal Syndrome


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