Ayurvedic Treatment for High Blood Pressure

While flowing in the arteries, blood makes a pressure on the walls of arteries, this pressure built by the blood is known as Blood Pressure. This directly reflects the back pressure on the heart, this is the reason this is an important vital of the body. Beside this the continuous pressure on the arterial walls weakens and injures these. With level of the injury chances of the atherosclerosis and thromboembolism increases to many folds and in the same folds risks to health increases.

Modern medicine has a different approach than Ayurveda for the treatment of blood pressure. Modern medicines believe in hiding the level of the blood pressure by relaxing the walls of the arteries so that pressure won’t cause any side effects (this is a good approach to avoid the damage) or by reducing the volume of the blood by urinating excessively! This is not the treatment, these are the tricks only to reduce the high blood pressure. Treatment means- removing the causative factor and to bring the Blood Pressure to normal, permanently. This is not alone a matter of the time when you put the blood pressure cuff o your arm. Beside this all the medicines, which are commonly used for the treatment of the high blood pressure have their own virtue and vice too. The biggest virtue with the modern medicines for Blood pressure is- these medicines are the best life saving medicines at the times of emergency. so this is not all about leaving some medicines and dragging you to bad health, we are here for complete wellness and that is the commitment with you. So read it in BOLD and LOUD-

Don't stop or discontinue your medications, doesn't matter who is asking you to do so.

This is possible for you to live medicine free when you will adopt healthy lifestyle, diet, will do some healthy Yoga and some herbal compounds will be there to help you in maintaining your blood pressure to the normal and will also surely remove the root cause of the High Blood Pressure too. 

High Blood Pressure Medications

When it comes to blood pressure, it sounds that once you start taking the medicines, you will have to continue the same for the years- life long and because these medications are common and routine so these have least side effects on your health. Not really! Again these medicines are aggressive enough for the body and due to their aggressiveness these medicines leave negative effects on the body for sure.  The main side effect of these medicines is- these make your body to forget about natural process and procedures to handle the abnormal conditions and situations and the medications which work on your "brain" to dull it against the stresses of normal life- will surely make you dull and lethargy and will complicate the condition. The common side effects of these modern day medications are-

  1. Poor digestion, this is the mother of all the diseases as per Ayurveda!
  2. Problems with the memory
  3. Impaired coordination between motor and sensory parts of the body. 
  4. Behavioral problems
  5. Migraine 
  6. Osteoporosis 

?RED MARKS show that you need to do some thing to avoid all these medication and this is not a lifetime venture- believe us!!

Natural Cure of High Blood Pressure:

According to Ayurveda; hypertension is not simply a health problem of physical body. It is a psychosomatic problem, where both the body and mind are involved altogether. You might have noticed hypertensives are the fellows who worry a lot or who are too much sensitive in nature (irrespective of their physique). So long as we do not address the involvement of the mind part in the cause of  hypertension; we can not normalize the blood pressure. The treatments as discussed above are just treating the symptoms not the root cause. High blood pressure itself is not a health problem; it is a manifestation of the wrong which is going on inside the body. So Ayurveda has a right plan for you, to continue with and that too without any RED MARKS!!!

  1. ?Balance the body and mind axis: This is the first thing Ayurveda believes in doing. It can be translated in many ways like improving your hormones and managing your metabolism at the best, but truly this is the effort with a "wholistic" approach where Ayurveda balances the working axis between body and mind. 
  2. Stress is not a routine: Generally it is noticed that we have accepted the stress as a common and normal thing in modern lifestyle! It is not so. You have the keys for stress and happiness both, you need to manage your life in a proper way. Have you noticed when things are stuffed in an wardrobe it looks like a complete mess and when the same stuff is placed and organized properly, it will make the same wardrobe a piece of beauty and presentation. So this is you who can change the things not the wardrobe (the life)!! At eVaidyaJi Wellness we work on all the aspects, not only supply some medicines to you. 
  3. To manage the whole body as a unit: This is not only the blood pressure, when we talk about your health we need to think about the whole body and that is the only possible way to talk about complete wellness. 
  4. Your Diet is the index of your health: You want to stay healthy so you should opt for healthy diet, not "blood pressure" oriented diet alone, your diet should be according to your Doshas. 
  5. Managing your Dosha in Balance: Journey of health in Ayurveda can be narrated like- from Imbalance to In-Balance! We do stress on balancing of your Doshas for complete wellness. 
  6. Respecting the Individuality: The figures and patterns of the blood pressure change according to individuals. so it is not only about managing some good figures of your blood pressure, this is all about your wellness and wellness comes with individuality. 

Our team of Vaidyas have designed all the course of treatment to lower your blood pressure to the normal and will assure you with complete health too. Check what our Vaidyas have designed for to manage your blood pressure to the normal. Ayurvedic cure of High Blood Pressure