Ayurvedic Treatment for Cellulite

Treatment -  as per the Modern Sciences:-

In Modern medical science “At this point, there is no outstanding treatment for cellulite.”

The available treatments in modern are:

  • Methylxanthines: These chemicals have ability to break down fat stores. However, skin creams cannot deliver the required concentration of these chemicals for significant fat breakdown.
  • Massage treatments: the machines used in massage treatment might temporarily decrease the appearance of cellulite, the technique appears to redistribute fat rather than permanently alter its configuration under the skin.
  • Laser or light therapy: Like massage treatment, Laser/ Light therapy require multiple treatment sessions and maintenance treatments to keep up the improved appearance.
  • Mesotherapy: Here multiple sessions of injecting drugs or other substances are done directly into affected tissue. Although this procedure is offered by some physicians, most experts feel that this treatment is unproven and risky.
  • Collagenase: breaks down collagen, a component of connective tissue. The long-term effects of these injections are still unknown, and studies have not yet been carried out to determine the extent and duration of the improvements, if any.
  • Wraps: Like cellulite diets, their effects have not been proven or reported in controlled studies in the medical literature.
  • Liposuction: Liposuction is also not a recommended treatment. In fact, liposuction may worsen the appearance of the skin by sucking out the cushion of fat that resides just under the skin. The result is additional dimpling of the skin.

Experts from Modern Sciences say "Cellulite is not a fat problem. It's a skin cellular problem, you can have total liposuction and get rid of every bit of regular fat and still have cellulite - you can exercise till the cows come home, it isn't going to help"

Ayurvedic Point of view about Cellulite:- 

Contrary to this, it is absolutely possible to banish the bumps for good without expensive, painful surgery. It just takes a little dedication, consistency, and lifestyle changes, and you can absolutely flush cellulite from your body. The secret is simpler than you think, and it doesn’t even mean you have to kill yourself by running 10 miles a day and eating next to nothing.

According to Ayurveda; cellulite is 'Vasa'- the heavy, saturated type of fat tissue. When this saturated fat interacts with digestive impurities or 'Ama', it results in cellulite. It is a localized effect. This heavy, sticky substance; the Ama; when sits in the fat cells, is very difficult to eliminate. The longer it sits there, more difficult it is to remove. The link between the Vasa fat and the Ama impurities have to be broken if one aims at cellulite reduction. For this Kapha aggravating diet has to be avoided. According to Ayurveda, the 'Agni' or fiery condition for metabolizing fat is known as 'Meda Agni.' When Meda Agni under the skin gets low or does not works properly, the unprocessed fat molecules get deposited under the skin and result in cellulite. Thus, the Meda Agni has to be activated or kindled to treat cellulite.

Dominance of the Kapha Dosha in basic constitution of a fellow proves to be risk factor for the development of cellulite. This Kapha Dosha comprises of earth and water components of the body. By nature these two are sedentary and try to accumulate where ever these get a chance. So if you are having Kapha constitution it will be a bit hard (Not impossible) to remove cellulite from your body.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Cellulite:

The key is to break down the link between the Vasa fat and the Ama impurities; pacifying the Kapha Dosha and igniting the fire component of the body so that the deposited fat can be removed easily.

  • If your digestive system is also impaired: You should do every thing to get your digestive system working back normally. As it is only the fire residing in the digestive system which will rekindle the fire associated with the fats. Besides this inadequate digestion creates the path for the formation and accumulation of the toxins in the body. The accumulation of toxin in the body will make it hard to liquefy the cellulite fat
  • Detox tea
  • Ayurveda Herbs for cellulite: Ayurveda herbs with hot potency are recommended for cellulite. Most important among these are
  • Shunthi,
  • Haritaki,
  • Amalaki
  • Ajwain,
  • Gotu Kola

Panchakarma for Cellulite: Udvartana – Massage with dry powders is of great use in cellulite. Hot potency of Ayurveda herbs used in Udvartana dissolve the fat and you can get rid of cellulite easily.


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