Ayurvedic Treatment for Celiac Disease

Ayurvedic Treatment for Celiac Disease According to modern Sciences.

Celiac disease cannot be cured. However, the symptoms will disappear and the villi in the lining of the intestines will heal if a strict gluten-free diet is follow for the whole life. A fellow suffering from Celiac disease should not consume any food, beverage, and medication that contain wheat, barley, rye, and possibly oats.

The labels on foods and medications must be read carefully for any source of these grains and ingredients related to them. Because wheat and barley grains are common in everyone’s diet, sticking with this diet is challenging.

A fellow should never start a gluten free diet unless or until Celiac Disease is finally diagnosed. Starting a Gluten free diet without confirmation of celiac disease will make it very difficult to make a final diagnosis. As there will be no signs of Celiac Disease in absence of Gluten in diet and the disease might remain hidden.

Along with following Gluten free Diet vitamin and mineral supplements are also prescribed to correct nutritional deficiencies. When the villi of the small intestine are lost, the micro nutrients are not absorbed properly from the food so taking some supplements to fulfill the requirement of the Micronutrients becomes necessary.

Occasionally, steroids may also be prescribed for short-term use or if there are signs of sprue (diarrhea, emaciation, and anemia) which are not responding to treatment.

So following a well-balanced, gluten-free diet is generally the only treatment you need to stay well.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Celiac Disease:

As per Ayurveda Celiac Diseases is the resultant of the wrong decisions by the immune cells. Here the immune cells are behaving abnormally to gluten which is otherwise a common object found in routine food items. All human being do not have this hypersensitivity; means gluten is not creating the problem. Something is wrong with in the body. So the treatment should be towards correcting this wrong thing with in the body. Ayurvedic Treatment will be as follows:

  • Correcting the immune system: As Celiac Disease is the problem involving hypersensitivity of immune cells to gluten. So unless or until the immune system is not corrected; we cannot even think to be free from Celiac Disease.
  • Calming down the gut brain: It is a well known fact that along with a brain in our head we are also having a brain inside our digestive system. In all hypersensitivities including Celiac Disease this brain residing in the digestive system is agitated. We need to calm down this gut brain.
  • Correcting the digestive disturbance: Along with these, digestive disturbances like diarrhea should also be addressed.
  • Improving the absorption of nutrients from the food. The nutrition status of the body is severely affected because of improper absorption of micro nutrients. These micro nutrients are essential for a healthy life.

We have designed treatment for Celiac as per the above principles. Check details about Ayurvedic Medicines for Celiac Disease. 


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