Ayurvedic Treatment for Autoimmune Diseases

Treatment for Auto Immune Diseases as per Modern Health Sciences include:

  • Relieve symptoms. Over-the-counter drugs like aspirin and ibuprofen can be used in mild symptoms like mild pain. Others with more severe symptoms such as pain, swelling, depression, anxiety, sleep problems, fatigue, or rashes may need prescription drugs. For others, treatment may involve surgical intervention.
  • Replace vital substances which are not produced by the body on its own: Some autoimmune diseases, like diabetes and thyroid disease, affect the body's ability to make substances it needs to function. In diabetes, insulin injections are needed to regulate blood sugar, thyroid hormone replacement restores thyroid hormone levels in people with under active thyroid.
  • Suppression of the immune system. In some Auto Immune Diseases immunity suppressant drugs are prescribed. These drugs suppress the immune response against the causative factors for the Auto immune diseases. Along with this; these also suppress the defense of the body against other disease causing factors like different infections which makes the body easily affected by different diseases.

Opposite to all this; Ayurveda always recommends working on the root cause of the disease process. The root cause in Auto Immune Disease is the improperly working defense mechanism of the body so here we need to correct the behavior of the defense system of the body so that it can differentiate between the friend and enemies of the body.

So the line of treatment according to Ayurveda will be as follows:

  • Removal of toxins from the body: As per Ayurveda when the metabolism is not okay there will be production and deposition of Ama – an endotoxin; when this Ama is associating with the immune cells of the body it result in their abnormal behavior which cause Auto Immune Diseases. So for proper treatment of Auto Immune Diseases this Ama needs to be expelled out of the body.
  • Correcting the metabolism of the body: Only expelling out the Ama will not be enough. We should also work on the source of Ama production i.e. disturbed metabolism. So correcting the metabolism is also main line of treatment for Auto Immune Diseases.
  • Increasing the Ojus in the body: Ojus is the essence of the body which nourishes the immune system and thus helps in body defense. Normally it is availed to the body from the food stuffs we are taking. But due to the impaired metabolism; Ojus is not formed properly in the body. So we should also ensure proper supply of the Ojus to the body.
  • Harmonizing the Immune system: At last the behavior of the immune system also needs to be corrected. Without harmonizing the Immune system all the measures will be inadequate for the treatment of Auto Immune Diseases.

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