Ayurvedic Treatment for Arrhythmia

Treatment of Arrhythmia as per Medern Health Sciences:-

Most of the arrhythmias (especially which are not giving any sign and symptoms and discovered by chance in a routine checkup) are harmless. For a fellow who is suffering from symptoms of Arrhythmia the active medicinal intervention is required. The medications employed are termed as Anti Arrhythmics. The medication will depend on the sign and symptoms he is suffering from.

If the irregular beating are accompanied by faster heart beats – tachycardia; the medication will be to slow down the heart rate and bring it in healthy range. While in conditions of slow heart rate – Bradycardia; the aim of treatment will be to stimulate the heart and increase the rate of pumping to bring it in healthy limits. In slow heart rate there might be clot formation because of the sluggish movement. To prevent this; blood thinning medicines can also be employed.

To control the fast heart rate, the medicines prescribed include calcium channel blocker and Beta blockers. Here one thing must be noted that in some fellows these medications specially Beta blockers can induce Arrhythmia.

When the medicinal intervention is proving insufficient electrical defibrillation or implantation of pacemaker might be required.  

Sometimes minor interventions with sophisticated treatment procedures such as Catheter Ablation are also employed. It involves inserting a flexible tube into one of main blood vessels in body parts like arms and guiding to the heart to stimulate it for the destruction of any possible problem areas causing Arrhythmia.

Surgery is not a treatment of choice in Arrhythmia, but is recommended in conditions where coronary heart disease is the cause behind the problem. In that case, coronary artery bypass grafting can improve blood supply to heart muscles. Surgery is also sometimes recommended for Atrial Fibrillation.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Arrhythmia:

As per Ayurveda all the health problems are the resultant of aggravation of a single Dosha or aggravation of Dosha in combination. The treatment will be according to the Dosha involved. I.e. in irregular beats which is because of the Vata aggravation; the treatment will be directed towards harmonizing the Vata Dosha; similarly for other Doshas.

We at eVaidyaJi.com have developed Arrhythmia Kit; in this kit we worked out on the products which are effective for all the Dosha involvements in the disease process i.e. all the Dosha involvements are equally benefitted with these medicines. Basically these nourish the heart muscles, improve their contraction and relaxation and work on proper conduction of the impulses through heart muscles. 

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