Ayurvedic Treatment for Anxiety

Anxiety is not less than an epidemic all around the globe, curse of the modern day lifestyle and culture we have developed around us. All mechanical obsessed culture is making us more stressed and helpless in many ways.

Modern medicines believe that paralyze the brain to make the brain cells sleepy, this is the treatment of the condition. You try from an OTC product to a highly paid psychiatrist all have the same salts and same treatment for your anxiety. They think that sleeping is the only way to get rid of the pain of anxiety. Is it really so? The medicines, which forcefully make you to feel happy, narcotic are not that good as these seem to be, these have some serious side-effects. Few are listed here-

Slowness in reflexes: increases the chances of accidents on road, where you forget to play the breaks forcefully due to slow hand and leg coordination

Depression: Amazing na! The medicines with which you are looking for a solution, is again a cause for the problem.

Dizziness, Light-headedness: You are free from brain

Memory loss: You can forget anything but not taking the medicines, which are the cause of the problem.

Blurred Vision: You will suddenly find the two road drivers one fine evening……..

So you can find how and for what the medicines you are taking are good?

Ayurveda has a different approach towards Anxiety and treatment of anxiety.

“Modern medicines believe in sleeping you and Ayurveda believes in awakening you” you better decide that what you wish to- sleep or awake?

Ayurveda believes in making you strong enough to find against the problem and to defeat the anxiety, so that you can handle all the conditions properly. For this your brain only needs some support to stand and fight, because all other factors to fight against the problem your brain have with it.

You need to be strong and you need to make the things clearer and straighter with your life. Moreover, anxiety is not problem of your brain, this is the problem of your mind and you have looked for the treatment with the people who don’t believe in the existence of the mind, till the date! So walk in right direction and we will walk – hand in hand to achieve the complete health for you.

Defeat the Anxiety, before it invites another hundreds of diseases. Check the medicines of Anxiety- these are less the medicines, more the “foods” for your brain!

Enjoy your existence!

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