Ayurvedic Treatment for Amenorrhoea

Regular monthly periods are the main sign of health in females, these regular periods denote to the healthy hormonal set up of the body and also depict the healthy level of the hormones in the body, not only the sexual hormones but also all type of hormones, including the hormones secreted either from the pituitary or from the thyroid- wherever - there will be a problem in the system it will show its effect on the menstrual cycle of every female. So once your periods are missed regularly- take it seriously. Don't ignore this. But this never means to panic about always- a missed menstrual period might be due to the conception of an embryo in your uterus, so it is important to rule out the cause. Do a home pregnancy test and then think something. 

The concerned Amenorrhoea here means where it is all due to some other reasons and without any physiological change it occurs, this is not all about the normal delay of the periods. It is important that you will have your periods very regular and on proper intervals, as it should be then something is not working properly inside your body so you should be alarmed. All the treatments and details here are according to this physiological abnormality alone.

Hormonal Treatment by modern Medicines for Amenorrhoea is how much good for body? 

If you are taking some medicines to induce your menstrual cycle , every now and then- so it is an alert for you! These hormones, which are given to you every now and then to induce the menstrual cycles are not that good and simple as these are being thought for years and years. The periods occurring after such medication are never natural and what is not natural is not good for you at all so you should be careful about these medicines and should not be dependent on these medication for longer times. Then what to do? Problem sharing is not enough at all.....! Solution is- try to mark the underlying cause of the Amenorrhoea and start removing it from the root and you wont need some regular medication for your problem of Amenorrhoea.

How dose the Ayurvedic Medicines are different from Modern Day Medicines?

Specially about the case of Amenorrhoea, approach of Ayurveda is to get rid of the underlying cause behind the Amenorrhoea and to plan for the complete health in spite of giving some hormones and creating an atmosphere for the periods in the body. This difference is really big. You stop the modern medicines and condition will be same as it was before medicines, with Ayurveda you need not to go for the medicines regularly and you will be certainly healthy in no time. 

Narural Care of Amenorrhea:-

Before we speak about how Ayurveda treats the condition of Amenorrhoea, it is important to know what Ayurveda has in mind about Amenorrhoea and what are the root causes of the Amenorrhoea and how we can remove all these causes, look on the points below

  • According to Ayurvedic treatment, the major objective is to alleviate Vata in Amenorrhoea. The Caraka Samhita states, “In Vataj disorders, vata alleviating measures such as unction, fomentation, enema etc. should be prescribed.”
  • Rasayana therapy is indicated to increase the rasa, medas and Shukra Dhatus.
  • Healthy agni is essential to proper digestion. Impaired digestion causes accumulation of ama or toxins in the body. When digestion is impaired, instead of the healthy nutrient plasma, ama or toxins are produced. This ama accumulates in weaker channels of the body. When this ama accumulates in rasavaha srota or artavavaha srota (part of rasavaha) and blocks them, stopping the flow of menstruation, it can lead to Amenorrhoea
  • In some women, nutritional deficiencies induced by dieting can cause Amenorrhoea. Such women should eat a properly balanced diet.
  • In some women, excessive body weight could be the cause of Amenorrhoea. These women should restrict the amount of fat in their diet, and they should exercise moderately to maintain an ideal body weight.
  • More than 8 hours of vigorous exercise a week may cause Amenorrhoea. A moderate exercise program may restore normal menstruation.
  • If Amenorrhoea is caused by emotional stress, finding ways to deal with stress and conflicts may help.
  • Maintaining a healthy lifestyle by avoiding alcohol consumption and cigarette smoking is also helpful.

To alleviate all these causes of Amenorrhoea our team of Vaidyas at eVaidyaJi Wellness has formulated a complete program for the treatment of the Amenorrhoea, what we call--Amenorrhoea Kit (Femicare capsules, Femicare Tablet, FemicareTea) we strongly recommend you to continue the treatment for at least 3 months for complete recovery from the disease, because this is not all about inducing the menstrual cycle alone, it is about a confirmation of the complete wellness.