Ayurvedic Treatment for Allergy

Allergy is thought to be a problem or a condition due to the Allergens, these allergens might be pollens, hairs of your sweetest pet and even some food items- which you loved to eat always. Treatment of the Allergy is not about these all causes of the allergy. These all - pollens, hairs and foods- are the secondary causes. Primary cause is your body itself. Your body's consciousness - intelligence and defense-  all these three got impaired due to certain reasons and this make the body to respond towards these allergens- unnecessarily. 

Impaired consciousness makes the body to not to respond properly towards the different things. 
Weakened intelligence brings problem with the cell to understand the difference between a friend a foe.
Hyperactive defense system of the body starts over reacting to the normal things. This is something like bombarding heavily against a simple creature like an Ant! 

So treatment of the allergy is a sum up of making these three parts/systems of the body to work properly. Well developed modern medicine is trying to help the human body to fight against the allergy and they treat the allergy in following manner. 

Treatment of Allergy in Modern Medicines:- 

"There is no cure for allergies" ??this is the main statement about the allergy with the modern medicines, so we can understand better what do they has for the treatment of allergy- any kind of allergies! The main theme of the treatment of the allergy in modern medicines is to control and manage the hyperactive defense system of the body, in medical terms it is - suppression of the immune system. By doing so, we keep on telling our immune system (Defense mechanism) of the body that it should keep quite or better to say- JUST SHUT UP! 

This cannot be healthy at all in any case. Where we know that allergy is all due to impaired "consciousness" and "intelligence" of the body- there we keep on ruining both these two along with weakening of the immune - defense - system of the body? How can they call this a treatment? This is  purely a "suppression" and that too of good things.

Once your body's immune system is asked to be slow again and again- it will start to avoid big issues with the health too and will leave your body in a problem for longer times. So next time you take a "anti-allergic" on a regular basis- question yourself that what are you doing with your health? 

Beside the above "goodness" with them, these modern medicines too have some other problems too like- 

  1. These cause an addiction on regular use.
  2. These make the body dull
  3. All medicines for allergy are aimed to tell your body not to respond towards any allergy.
  4. Growth retardation, Diabetes, Asthma and sudden jump in blood pressure are also common with these medicines.
  5. Cataracts of the eyes, Bone thinning osteoporosis, Muscle weakness are some of the other virtues of these medicines for allergy. 

Ayurveda has a different view, let's have a look how Ayurveda treats the Allergy and do Ayurveda has a plan for you to get rid of allergy-- 

Ayurvedic Treatment for Allergy:

For Ayurveda- allergy is a problem with the body- not with the allergens. You are allergic to something, not these things are allergic to you! So treatment should be of your, your body and your system. To avoid something is not the treatment, that can be considered as a management only. You can avoid certainly to few of the things but once it comes to avoiding for the whole life, it becomes a challenge for anybody. There are certain steps, in which Ayurveda will provide you the complete treatments- 

  1. Managing the intelligence of the body to the right state: Your body is a cluster of trillions of amoebae and these all are working for the complete wellness of yours, together. Once the intelligence of these cells is changed or challenged it becomes a challenge for the body itself. The main thing in case of allergy the most common problem is that the cells responsible for the defense system of the body looses their intelligence of deciding the difference between a friend and foe and this certainly is an area of the problem. So AYURVEDA recommends to bringing the intelligence of the body to the normal state, first of all. 
  2. Bringing Doshas in balance: These are the Doshas which are everything, when it comes to the treating allergy through Ayurveda. All the three Doshas are involved in the allergy, generally with a dominance of the Pitta. Pitta decides intelligence and immunity both so it plays an important role in solving the problems with the allergy and allergens.
  3. Purification of the blood: This is the blood which carries everything which can initiate the allergy and Ayurveda says these are some of the physical wastes and toxins which are responsible for all the problems with the body so blood purification is an important thing to do with for the complete wellness and cure of allergy. 
  4. Strengthening of the Immune System of the body: Where modern medical sciences believe in weakening of your immune system by suppressing it Ayurveda believes in "Modulating" the immunity so that every action of the immune system will be according to the requirements of the body, immunity should be neither too high nor too low. 

?With these principles and scientific approaches our Vaidyas have designed and developed a complete treatment program for you, here is the details of the Natural Cure of Allergy!

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