Ayurvedic Treatment for AIDS

It is a fact that AIDS never kills a fellow. It simply makes body so weak that it can be easily targeted by simplest of the infections and routine working of different systems of the body is greatly impaired. As a result of all this; on one side body systems are becoming weaker and at the same time the weak defense system makes these easily vulnerable for different infections.

So in short the treatment for AIDS should be targeted towards strengthening the body systems and improve functioning of defense mechanism of the body so that the quality of life of fellow affected by AIDS can be improved. So following Ayurveda supplements will be very beneficial for a fellow affected by AIDS:

  • To strengthen the immune system in general and minimize infections: The HIV virus deteriorates the immune system of the fellow to such an extent that he can not fight against the simplest of infection. So it is must to work on his immune system. For this Amalaki and Pippali are among the best Ayurveda herbs. Amalaki is the richest source of Vit. C which is very essential for proper working of the immune system. While Amalaki strengthens the Immune system Pippali works as an Immuno-modulator i.e. it modulates and optimizes the working of Immune system.
  • To improve the energy level of the fellow: Besides weakening the immune system AIDS also affects  the working of all the systems of the body as a result the fellow has low energy level. Ashwagandha, Shatavari and Yashthimadhu are amongst of the best Ayurveda herbs to improve his energy level.
  • To correct the digestive system of the fellow and help in maintaining body weight: It is the only system which makes foreign materials compatible for the body which can be utilized for replenishing the wear and tear of the body. To maintain proper working of digestive system Haritaki and Triphala are among the best Ayurveda supplements. 
  • To improve quality of sleep: Deep and refreshing sleep is must for proper working of all the systems of the body in general and immune system in particular. For this Ayurveda herbs like Jatamansi and Jyotishmati are the best choices. These relax the mind and improve quality of sleep.  

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