Ayurvedic Supplements for High Cholesterol

The most famous (will be sounding notorious to you after reading the details here) are well known for the side effects like- 
Gastric ulcers
Liver Probelms
Muscular Breakdown
Impotency and much more.......so now you need to be more serious about the medicines you are swallowing since years and you should know what may be the best treatment for you to get rid of the problem of the high cholesterol. Here are some natural remedies to assist you to lower the cholesterol level! Zero fat products cannot be labeled healthy in any way so be war about those too...here are the details- 
Cholesterol is an essential part of out body. This is vital for maintenance of cell wall, proper conduction of signals within our nerves, proper movements of joints and production of the sex hormones. But when same cholesterol is not in healthy limits this might cause blockage in blood vessels which can lead to heart failure, paralysis, unconsciousness and other complications. So Ayurvedic Treatment for High Cholesterol is aimed to maintain all lipids in healthy limits along with choleterol. Because liver plays an important role in fat metabolism so while designing these Natural Ayurvedic Medicines for High cholesterol level we took care of liver also.  
Hyperlipidemia Kit Ingredients
Fatbalance Capsule Liver Care Tea Medohara Guggulu


Parijat Pushp


Fatbalance Capsule: These Capsules correct the fat metabolism of the body thus balance all types of fats. This is the best natural and herbal remedy for lowering the high levels of the Cholesterol

Liver Care Tea: Proper care of Liver is must to maintain the fat metabolism optimum as liver is responsible for the whole fat metabolism. Liver Care Tea supports the liver to work perfectly.

Medohara Guggulu: This Guggulu formulation is specially indicated to remove the unwanted fat from the body. As soon as the unnecessary fat is removed from the body; all the lipids will come in healthy range. Medohara Guggulu removes the unwanted cholesterol from the body. 

Hyperlipidemia Kit

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Hyperlipidemia Kit
Doses and how to use the products

Fatbalance Capsule: You should take two Fatbalance capsules with hot water twice daily.

Liver Care Tea: For proper support to liver you should sip Liver Care Tea at least twice daily.

Medohara Guggulu: the dose for Medohara Guggulu is 3 tablets with hot water twice daily

My cholesterol is with in normal range this time and I am amazed to see the change, in past ten years my blood cholesterol levels were the main and only stubborn thing for me in the world and I thought, before meeting you guys that I will have to spent rest of my life with High levels of cholesterol flowing in my blood. I agree that I have also put all my energies in following all the recommendations religiously- whatever you guys asked me. Thanks for giving back my health, I will certainly mail all my kith and kin and will recommend you guys as health providers. 

Lauren, Australia