Ayurvedic Supplements for High Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure is a condition which can effect the whole body at a single time and can ruin your complete health within no time. It can affect your heart, brain, lungs, digestion, your muscles and even your thought process and behavior so it is important to keep the blood pressure with in normal limits. But this never means that you need to take some medicines to control your blood pressure for whole of the life. Ayurveda has better solution for your high Blood Pressure.

Natural Cure for High Blood Pressure

Ayurveda provides natural support for the maintenance of the blood pressure within normal values. For this neither we use - DIURETICS, BETA BLOCKERS or some CHANNEL BLOCKERS nor a derivative of Opium to relax your arteries because we know these all have their own problems and these problems are greater than the solutions these medications for High blood Pressure provides
We don't use AHIPHENA (OPIUM), and other addictive herbs in our products for cardiac care because we are well aware about the side effects of these herbs and you should also know and follow that what ever is herbal is safe- not necessarily! 

Natural Cure for High Blood Pressure

Cardiac Care Tea  Cardiocare Capsules Cardiocare Tablet 

Cardiac Care Tea: Cardiac Care tea supports the heart muscles to work out their assigned duty (to pump blood to all body parts) effectively neither with aggression nor with slow rate. It helps to maitain the arterial walls too so that there wont be any plaque formation inside the arteries and body will stay healthy for whole life. 

Cardiocare Capsules?These Capsules are formulated to reverse the bad effects of the high blood pressure on the heart and other parts along with arteries so that there wont be any complications in later phases of life with the hardening of the arteries. These are safe for continuous consumption and one can use these regularly without any side effects and on the same time, these Cardiac Care Capsules never make you "medicine- dependent". 

Cardiocare Tablet: Cardio Care Tablets lowers down by removing all the causative factors behind the high blood pressure and settles it to the normal limits and maintains too. These tablets are well proven for their results and are a result of years of hard work and research by our Vaidyas. 

These all supplements are better to take all together (Not for sale) but because your body needs assistance to stay healthy and this is possible only when these are used together. Where cardiac Care Tea will manage the functioning of the heart and vascular muscles- capsules and tablets will assist you to get rid of the bad effects of the High Blood Pressure. 

Hypertension KIT

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Hypertension Kit
Doses and how to use the products

Cardiac Care Tea: You should sip Cardiac Care tea at least twice daily.

Cardiocare Capsules: Take two Cardio Care Capsules with hot water twice daily.

Cardiocare Tablet: the dose of Cardio Care Tablets is two Tablets with hot water twice daily.


Gradually my blood pressure is coming to the normal values and I am feeling much more energetic than before. I have tapered down the dose of the allopath medicines step by step. My digestion is better than before and now I feel that I will be able to get rid of all the problems with my blood pressure. I am mailing you the complete chart of my blood pressure for last 15 days so that you can advise me in a better way. 

Gabriel, Germany.