Ayurvedic Supplements for Anal fissure

Tear in the Anal wall i.e. Anal fissure is the resultant of friction over the delicate lining. Most of the times this friction is because of the hard stool. So Ayurveda Treatment for Anal fissure will be directed towards correcting the digestive system so that there will remain no chance for this friction. Along with this we also need to ensure proper healing of the cut. With better digestion of the food the nutritive status of the body will also improve which will indirectly fasten the healing process. Here we do the whole treatment in three steps:
1. Healing of the wounds and this is done by: JATYADI GHRUTA, which is a proven natural treatment for healing of the wounds, even it gives the best results with the Diabetic Carbuncles, so what anal fissures means for this "wound healer".
2. Softening of the Stool: This is important to increase the severity of the problem and Gut Care Capsules are aimed to help in this. These soften the stool very softly and will manage the conditions properly.
3. Removal of Toxins out of body: This is the Ama (toxic elements) which are main culprit in most of the cases and it is important to remove all these toxins out of the body for complete cure of the conditions and Panch Tikta Ghruta Guggulu does so wisely.
Here are the details about the Natural Medicines for Anal Fissure- 
Anal Fissure Kit Ingredients
Gut Care Capsule Panch Tikta Ghruta Guggulu Jatyadi Ghruta
Saindhav lavan
Patola patra
Patola patra

Gut care capsuleGut care capsules are the natural remedies for good digestion and have a vast use in routine problems because digestion is the main physiological process of our body, which gives life to us. This is the digestion which cultivates the energy out of the foods we take and gives us life. Gut has a lot of gray matter within it so Gut care capsules also can be used in different conditions of the psychological problems.

Panch tikta Ghruta Guggulu: This Guggulu preparation is specially indicated for expelling out the Ama – toxic substance produced as a result of disturbed digestive system. It will further help in correcting the whole body in general and the digestive system in particular.

Jatayadi Ghruta: This is the best remedy to heal all kind of wounds of the body, these might be small wounds like in Anal fissure or the worst wounds by Diabetic Carbuncles- what so ever Jatyadi Ghruta can heal up all kind of wounds. The chronic wounds- which could not be healed even by using different anti-septic and antibiotic herbs for months and years- shows miraculous results for the healing of such wounds.

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Anal Fissure Kit
Doses and how to use the products

Gut care capsule: You should take two Gut Care Capsules with hot water twice daily.
Panch tikta Ghruta Guggulu: You should take two Panch Tikta Ghruta Guggulu Tablets twice daily.
Jatayadi Ghruta: You should apply Jatyadi Ghruta on cracked anal wall twice daily.


Thank god that tearing pain is no more there. My digestion is better than earlier, within 10 days of applying Jatyadi Ghruta and taking the medicines the cuts in anal wall are healing.

Shankar, Amritasar