Ayurvedic Supplements for Amenorrhoea

Menstrual cycle is a normal part of a female physiology. Normalcy always comes to the body easily. This normalcy of physiology should never be brought about by force. When we think about HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) we are inducing menstrual bleeding forcefully. So HRT can never be said healthy for body. So Ayurveda medicines for Amenorrhoea always works on bringing the physiologic changes in the body such that menstrual bleeding come naturally. Ayurvedic Medicines for Amenorrhoea work on the root cause of the problem and harmonize all the three Doshas. The virtue for natural treatment of Amenorrhoea are as follows- 
  1. Bring positive changes in over all health by balancing the hormones and the whole physiology. 
  2. Non hormonal treatment for Amenorrhoea. 
  3. Establishes normal working of the reproductive system
  4. Making the positive changes in the body so that this condition will not prevail again and again. 
  5. Works against all the root causes. 
  6. Assures, there won't be any problems associated to the hormonal imbalance. 
Amenorrhoea Kit Ingredients
Femicare capsules Femicare Tea Femicare Tablet




Femicare capsules: Femicare capsules calms down the emotions because working of the female reproductive system is closely associated with her emotions, so it is necessary to hold on the emotions. Ups and down in emotions will definitely disturb the menstrual cycle. When the emotions will be calmed down the menstrual cycle will be regularized; it is for sure. In simple words FEMICARE CAPSULES are intended to balance the hormonal system of the females!

Femicare Tea: Femicare tea specially works on the Apana Vata which is responsible for proper menstrual cycle. As soon as the Apana Vata is harmonized you will have regular and healthy menstrual cycle without any problem. 

Femicare Tablet: Femicare tablets are nourishing in nature. Most of the times; nutritional deficiency is associated with amenorrhea. As soon as this root cause will be alleviated; by default the problem will also be alleviated so together with the Famicare tea and capsules, famicare tablets make a complete natural cure of Amenorrhoea

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Amenorrhoea Kit
Doses and how to use the products

Femicare capsules: 2 Femicare Capsules should be taken after taking the meals with hot water twice daily.

Femicare Tea: You should sip Femicare Tea at least twice daily.

Femicare Tablet: The dose of Femicare Tablets is also two Tablets twice daily with hot water after the meals.


I have taken the medicines for three months and this time my periods were perfect, these appeared on right time as well as there were no pains also. I have lost almost 10 Kgs of weight too, this is due to the proper menstrual cycles, your medicines or due to the diet- lifestyle I am following as per your guideleines. Whatever may be the case but I am happy and feeling much healthy than ever before! Vaidya Neetu's recommendations were best every time for my problem of Amenorrhora......thanks to all of you! I just want to know, for how long I should continue these medicines, I just dont want to face all the problems again and again, want to do all the treatments properly. 

Aseema Jaura, Chandigarh