Ayurvedic Supplements for Abscess

Abscesses are common externally as well as internally. In case of external Abscesses it is easy to drain the abscess but in case of Lung Abscess, Liver Abscess, Perianal Abscess along with other internal abscesses it is hard and impractical to cut-open the body to remove the abscesses. Ayurveda has some natural remedies for these internal abscesses to get rid of these. These natural remedies are aimed to heal up the internal atmosphere of the body and to balance the working of all three doshas and blood, all together. The second main aim of Ayurvedic natural treatment in these conditions is to prevent the abscesses to occur again and again, which might be  a problem with specific body type persons. All the natiral solutions below here are aimed for the same. These natural remedies are totally herbal and are away from the side effects of the chemical loaded medicines of the modern day world
Here are these natural solutions for internal abscesses specially. 
Abscess Kit Ingredients
Abscare Capsules Varunadi Kwath



Abscare Capsules: These Capsules possess scraping action and; slowly and slowly these will cut out the dead tissue from the abscess and promote healing in other words these maintain the normal working of the body and restores the normal tissues again in place of infected and dead tissues.

Varunadi Kwath: Varunadi Kwath removes the dead parts and wastes from abscess and promotes healing process. This is the best natural remedy for the internal abscesses and maintains the body in normal against all these abscesses. 


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Abscess Kit
Doses and how to use the products

Abscare Capsules: you should take one Abscare capsule with hot water after taking the meals twice daily.

Varunadi Kwath: Take one glass of water. Add one tea spoon (about 5gm) of Varunadi Kwath to it and boil till the water reduces to half. Filter it and take it sip by sip. Do same at least twice daily.


Thank god after taking so much of treatments; abscess in my foot has started healing. The red growths of flesh are growing inwards. Please let me to know if there are any additional dietary and lifestyle recommendations; I should take care of......

Alex, Serbia