Ayurvedic Supplements for ADHD

Ayurvedic Treatment of ADHD, ADHD natural treatment, Natural Cure of ADHDNatural solution for ADHD: 

There is no such line of treatment for ADHD, which can be approved as a pin pointed solution. Here we need to make sure that what ever medicines and solutions we are offering to a kid suffering with ADHD should be proper and none should follow any of the quacks in the market, because some wrong treatment can be hazardous for your kid. 

Psychological Support: 

Kids are delicate and they need your support to come out from all the problems. To blame kids for the problems and to bring the feeling of hate for them can never be a solution. The main solution for ADHD  is about accepting the problem and to face the problem with courage and dedication. It is seen in many cases that parents start taking ADHD conditions as if their kid is creating all the problems deliberately. Which is never true in any condition. 

So please plan to provide the best solution for your kids, they need you to come out of the problems they are facing. As we have written on the page- Ayurveda about ADHD, this all problem can be a part of the nature of the baby, so it is not important always to label a kid as a patient in all conditions. 

Approach we addopt at eVaidyaJi for treatment of ADHD:

As per Ayurveda the whole of the anatomy and physiology is regulated by three Doshas namely Vata, Pitta and Kapha. This theory is applicable in ADHD also. So according to the dominant Doshas we can plan for a supportive therapy for sure. This supportive therapy will benefit a fellow afflicted with ADHD in following way:

  • It will calm down the restless mind of the fellow so that he can concentrate in a better way
  • It will also help the fellow in organizing the activities.
  • The fellow will also be benefited in behavioral issues.
  • He/She can socialize in a better way

The treatment will be planned according to the severity of the signs and symptoms;aggression of the baby and level of Doshas in the body. So please CLICK HERE and provide all the details in the form. We will try to assist you in the best possible way. 

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