Ayurvedic Herbs for Nervous System


Messages, sensations, orders, coordination, arrangements- these are the attributes of the nervous system. This is a very complicated and highly skilled part of the body, which maintains everything in a proper manner between some trillions of cells of a human body. Larger than the total length of a normal house’s wiring this maintains the things in a system.

Vata, according to Ayurveda is analogous to activities of the nervous system. Vata is not nervous system- Vata controls the activities of nervous system! So when it comes to the treatment of the problems with the nervous system, it is clear that most of the herbs which can pacify the Vata will be there in the list-but not the all.

One more thing here- Herbal Treatment and Medicines are not similar to Ayurvedic Medicines- Ayurvedic Treatment, even a few percent. These are two different streams, quite different from each other in all manners- principally, theoretically, conceptually. So all herbs which are mentioned somewhere on some websites are not necessarily good for the body according to the Ayurvedic Principles, so this and all details of the diseases and systems can vary from other’s list. Ayurveda Versus Herbal Treatments- read this article to know more about individualities of these two.

We can divide all the herbs in different categories for the nervous system-

A.    Nervine tonics:

a.    Brahmi

b.    Shankhpushpi

c.    Jyotishmati

B.    Sedatives: Ayurveda has no scope for sedation, Ayurveda believes in waking up a person’s soul not in sedation.

C.    Herbs Helpful with Insomnia-

a.    Jyotishmati

b.    Jatamansi

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D.   Herbs to control pain-

a.    Rasna

b.    Guggulu

c.    Eranda

d.    Nirgundi

e.    Rasona

Ayurveda doesn’t have a direct concept of pain killers because pain tells us that what is going on wrong with the body and this is important for the body to know about.

The main thing in controlling the Vata or balancing the imbalanced Vata are the oils, oils are told best by the Ayurvedic Text to pacify the aggravated Vata. The oils processed specially with Vata pacifying herbs will result in better results for the Vata. Following oils are the best for the Vata imbalance of Nervous System-

Dhanvantram Oil- processed 101 times (all these are available in Capsule form for internal use for better results)

Gandh Tailam

Maharaj Prasrini Oil

Ksheer Bala Oil (101 times processed) etc