Ayurveda for Teeth Oral Cavity

This is the primary part of the digestive system, as told again and again that Digestive System is the base of the complete health, so this is important part too because these are the teeth and oral cavity which decide how we chew the foods and ingest the food. If food is chewed properly, then chances of the digestion are good. This is something that we will digest the food properly. The activity of the digestive juices is dependent on the quality of the food- “how much properly food is chewed” and perhaps this has brought the proverb- “Chew the food properly for better digestion”.

Teeth are strongest part of the body but the food we are taking is highly acidic and alkali- in name of tangy taste is corrosive for the teeth and that is decaying the entire strong tooth. This is the most common problem, all around the globe. This is the reason why everywhere you can find the “dentists”. These dentists are well trained to canal the roots of teeth and making these numb, they are qualified to put the implants, caps and artificial teeth in the oral cavity. But not in making you are the teeth healthy and strong, because they can earn some bucks by our week teeth not through our strong tooth.

According to Ayurveda, the oral cavity and teeth these both are related to the Vata Dosha and it is important for us to keep the Vata under control to stop the diseases of the teeth-gums and oral cavity. Kapha is dominant in the buccal cavity and this is due to the regular secretion from the salivary glands. Absence or lack of these secretions complicates the condition with the teeth, gums and oral cavity. Similarly the high secretion of these fluids and too much Kapha is also bad for all these parts.

Ayurveda has not detailed the all these problems in detail, to start a line of dentistry in Ayurveda, for sure and nothing to hide but Ayurvedic literature has given some great remedies for all these problems and these are more the ways and techniques to strengthen the teeth and for healthy buccal cavity, rather than for uprooting the teeth or gums. The different conditions discussed by Ayurveda are as follows:

Danta Saushirya: Weak and hollow teeth; this has been discussed by Ayurveda and remedies are there to deal with this condition.

Danta Chal: Loose or moving teeth, this is the second condition and successful treatment and care has been discussed about this too.

Danta Harsha: Dental sensitivity, most common problem all around the globe; Ayurveda has all solution for this condition.

Mukh Daurgandhya: Bad breath and odour from the mouth. There are many options to get rid of the problem.

Danta Shool: Pain in teeth

Receding Gums: Loose and distracted gums

These are the problems, discussed on certain pages. Read the articles below to know more about all this- 

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