Ayurveda for Skin and Hair

If skin is the index of a person’s health then certainly hair on scalp are the presentation of that index!Ayurveda about skin and hair problems, good cosmetics of ayurveda

Ayurveda was well serious and concerned about Skin and Hairs and have discussed these two and their problems in detail. Skin and hair are treated differently by Ayurveda. First we will discuss the skin and later on the hair.

Skin is told as the main part of the body by Ayurveda because it covers the internal organs of the body and also works as a medium between the external and internal environments of the body. Here are the main concepts about Skin in Ayurveda; these will assist you to get the right answers for your glowing and beautiful skin.

Skin is directly nourished by Rasa Dhatu (the nutritive sap, obtained from the first step of the digestion). This is the reason skin shows effect of the food – what one eats- very quickly! So for beautiful skin the first and foremost thing is good digestion. The capillaries of the skin are too thin that once there will be some toxins in the blood these will accumulate in the skin quicker than any other parts.

Skin is the residence of Pitta. Pitta is the Dosha related to digestion-metabolism and assimilation and Liver is the controller of the Pitta Dosha. So once you have some problems with the liver, these will be reflected on the skin- don’t you remember someone with Jaundice and his yellow skin? The associated Pitta is the reason, why in Pitta Body Type people- Skin diseases occur more frequently.

Skin has capabilities of Digestion. We think whatever we apply on the skin works locally! No, as per Ayurveda it happens in different way. Skin has Pitta; Pitta digests- Pitta resides in skin- so moral of the story is- your skin eats, digests and excretes. There are certain medicines Ayurveda has told to use as Lepa (skin covers) or when you are going for an Ayurvedic massage- you need to be sure that what the other person is using and same applies to the cosmetics too. The skin patches of insulin and nicotine are the best available examples for people with negligence (modern medicine workers) and a tip for you- what they shout about mercury poisoning by some herbal supplements- maximum deaths occurred due to using the mercurial poisoning when mercury creams were used as anti-bacterial cream in early nineties.

So be practical about your skin and don’t play with your skin! Read here about how to get the healthy skin.

Hairs! A person with bald scalp can only understand the value of these five alphabets – H A I R S!!

Hairs are the part of the bones! This is the Ayurvedic approach with the hairs, as per Ayurveda your bones should be strong and healthy for healthy hairs.

Hairs are always there in close relation to the skin, obviously these grow on skin only. So Pitta has a great role on the health of hairs. The Pitta Body Type persons will have quicker greying or falling of hair. If you are a Pitta person and have invested a lot in the serums and other products sold on TV please go and transplant new crop of hairs, because in no way you can get these hairs easily.

Pitta creates more problem to the hair then your genes. So you need to nourish your body with right stuff of the food- for healthy skin and hairs.

The main concern is your food in case of healthy skin and hairs. You need to be more proper and regular about your food. Second is the biggest confusion that skin and hairs need a local treatment alone and it makes us to think about shampoos, creams and all other stuff we can apply on the skin and hairs.

Not true!!

The leaves and bark of a tree are healthy, when a tree is healthy- best example to understand the condition of the hairs and skin with body (if we leave some local infections). Same applies to our bark (skin) and leaves (hairs) too. So if you are aiming for beautiful skin and healthy hairs, don’t mess alone with the external beauty- just try to concentrate on giving the right nourishment to the body. This is the body now which will give you the healthy hairs and beautiful skin together.