Ayurveda for Nervous System

In a system where trillions of living organisms are working for a single cause, the most important part is the system which distributes the message to the whole system and too receives the information from outer world and analyzes these. This is the duty of the nervous system of the body. It regulates the interaction between the external world and body and also manages network of the trillions of cells.

This is the most complex system of the body, because it is govern by the most mischievous and complex Dosha- Vata. The most amazing thing about this internet is- it never hangs up, it never excites above normal levels, it has intelligence and it is automated- self dependant. Once any of these amazing capabilities of this system are changed or challenged- there will be certain problems with the body.

If nervous system hangs up – it will cause the conditions like Epilepsy / Syncope / Alzheimer’s disease.

Where nervous system will be excited too much it will cause conditions like pain ful nerves, Parkinsonism etc.

Once the intelligence of the nervous system is changed or comprised it will be a condition of stupidity for the person and surely there will be some deep impacts on the psychological levels too.

Once the automation and self dependency of the nervous system goes under uncontrolled levels it will cause the problems like Schizophrenia.

As per Ayurveda these are the properties of the Vata Dosha which are responsible for the working of the Nervous system. Vata is not the nervous system, this is Vata which controls the activities of the nervous system. The main two properties of the Vata are- Dry, Movement.

Once there will be problems with the Dryness the following conditions will prevail-Excessive dryness means- decay of the myelin sheath- which is the insulator for the whole nervous system and in case of central nervous system these are glial cells. Once Gilal cells and Myelin Sheath are not intact there will be problems like- Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinsonism like conditions.

When it comes to the movements; excessive movements will bring the unstable gait and tremors in the body- no movement is Paralysis like condition and uncontrolled movements are all about the unstable body.

This is what Ayurveda thinks about the nervous system. When we say that nervous system is governed mainly by the Vata Dosha, it never means that there won’t be any involvement of the other two Doshas- Pitta and Kapha. Yes there will be an involvement of the two Doshas too, but only in a pathological condition. Where this is a condition of Paralysis- it means that Kapha will be surely increased due to the stagnant lifestyle during the problem. In case of the conditions like Neuritis (inflammations) there will be problems with the Pitta Dosha too so all Doshas involved with nervous system likewise the other systems.

Ayurveda has a deep insight about the treatment of the problems of the nervous system. According to Ayurveda the best way to treat any of the problems with the nervous system is to use the right kind of Ayurvedic Oils, which can be applied on the body or can be taken internally by in drop form or in capsule form. Reason is very simple- these are the oils (Specific oils for specific problems) which are just opposite to the characters of the Vata and controls the Vata properly, without changing the status of rest of two Doshas.

At eVaidyaJi Wellness our team of Vaidyas have worked hard to bring some Ayurvedic natural Herbal remedies for the diseases of the nervous system. These remedies don’t have any sedative effects on the nervous system, as the modern medicines have. The best part of Ayurvedic treatment of the neural problems is that after Ayurvedic treatment of such conditions- there are least chances of relapse.