Ayurveda for Muscles


Muscles make our body intact and maintain the body- movements and structure both. Ayurveda has detailed the muscular system as Mamsa Dhatu. Dhatu means- which nourishes and holds the body and Mamsa stands for the muscles/flash. All the muscles work in close association with bones and nervous system- because all the muscles are attached and held by the bones and nerves maintain the tone of the muscles as well as control the movements of the muscles. This trio is told as- Mamsa-Asthi-Majja as per Ayurveda. Mamsa is muscles, Asthi- the bones and cartilages and Majja represents the nervous system.

Diseases occurring in these two- Mamsa and Asthi along with joints are told to be hard to cure for all physicians and Ayurveda says that a patient who is undergoing the treatment of these parts should be patience enough to wait the results. This is an important factor when we discuss about the treatment parts according to Ayurveda. Everybody, even a patient of simple fever, will wish to know about the prognosis and time involved in the treatment, and we get the same queries regularly online. But the basic true answer to this question is- NONE KNOWS! There are different aspects, which are involved in the treatment of a disease- Patient’s individuality and personal characters (Ayurvedic Body Type); quality of the medicines prescribed to the patient; psychological level of the patient; regularity of the patient with treatment-medicines and follow up and none of the physicians has tools to control on all these aspects so none should claim that how much time a disease will take to be cured.

About Mamsa Dhatu- All the three Doshas maintain the muscles by their controls on the muscles. Kapha provides the base to the muscles (the fluid in between the muscle fibres) without Kapha there will be a strong friction between the muscle fibres and every muscle will be inflamed and will face severe damage- even on walking for a few second. Second aspect of the Kapha is- it gives nourishment to the muscles, if the nourishment will be stopped- muscles will start decaying day by day- what happens in case of the Muscular Dystrophy. Whatever may be the cause but one thing is clear that Kapha part of the muscles will be reduced and it makes the muscles week and decaying.

Pitta, brings energy by churning the food/fuel. Muscles do a lot of activity all the day. Even you are sitting or just typing something on a key board- all the muscles of your body are toned and these need a lot of energy to maintain this tone. So muscles have their own metabolic setup as well as their own energy production unit. Once Pitta gets low in its activity- there will be lack of energy in the muscles and it will result in lethargic and malaise like conditions.

Third one the most important among all three for muscles is Vata. Muscles are related to the movement and the main principle of the movement and controller of all the movements in the body is- Vata, thus Vata hold on the muscles. When there is no proper supply from the nerves (Vata) to the muscles- muscles will be flaccid, as they will lose their tone. Once a nerve is hyperactive with certain muscles, it will cause the stiffness in the muscle- so there will be a problem when nerves won’t be normal with the body.

All the Ayurvedic treatments are based on the normal working of the three Doshas and same is applicable with the muscles. Our Vaidyas have got tremendous results with the cases of muscular dystrophy and other muscular problems like Body stiffness, Cervical and Lumbar pains, sciatica (where muscles were involved) by doing Panchakarma treatments along with the Ayurvedic medicines. If you are looking for a complete treatment of any of these conditions, please mail us for online consultation, or speak with our Ayurvedic Physicians via phone or on internet and we will try to assist you in the best possible way.