Ayurveda for Metabolic System

As discussed on several places on eVaidyaJi.com- human body or better to say life is the result of the food. The food we eat and take is the only cause behind our lives. We share the character of livingness with the foods we eat. Food chain is the system of the universe to bring things together. We are close to every small and big aspect of the life, only through the foods.

Where digestive system makes the food available for the body, this is the metabolic system of the body- which yields the energy from the available digested food. This makes metabolic system an important factor for complete health.

When we say metabolism- this word comprises two words (as per modern medicines but as per Ayurveda these are three, will be detailed later) - Anabolism and Catabolism! Anabolism is to store and collect the food materials (Kapha property) and Catabolism is about breakdown of the food stuff and production of energy (Pitta)- these are two parts of the metabolism as per modern day most advanced system of health. Ayurveda believes in third part too. The third part is the hormones and other factors which are responsible for the “shift” and “transformation” (Vata) between anabolism (Kapha) and catabolism (Pitta). Because in comparison to lab developed, data based, unrealistic, not-time tested modern day sciences- Ayurveda is more 3 D and complete!

So as per Ayurveda, metabolism is the result of all the three Doshas and that is the reason- Metabolic rate varies person to person. You might have seen some scales and parameters where they start charting your health in terms of body height and body weight alone- not enough! This is not about some figures and calculations alone- which can tell what the status of the metabolism as well as of the health is. You differ from each other in terms of your Doshas and you need to think differently about your body too and metabolism too!

Metabolic disorders are the most common problems nowadays, because our diet and lifestyle both are distorted completely. OBESITY (Metabolism is shifted towards the anabolism more KAPAH) –DIABETES (Disturbed metabolism due to the anabolic hormone Insulin (Vata dominant condition) –GOUT (Faulty metabolism of Proteins and excessive production of the Uric Acid) –OSTEOPOROSIS (Impaired and disturbed metabolism of the Calcium) and there are several many other conditions, which are proving problematic to all of us.

Where in above cases modern medical sciences has different approaches-
To just reduce weight in case of obesity by any means (surgical or mechanical)
To just manage the blood sugar level in control (not sure how good and exact the need of a person for sugar)
To remove the uric acid from the body by means of some opposite salt to the uric acid- use of colchicines and xyluric!
To give more and more calcium- hardly matters what side effects of ingested Calcium can do in the body?

None of the above is a cure! Cure is single- to rectify and to normal the METABOLISM/metabolic system of the body, if it will be repaired- everything will go right in the body.

So, due to broader and proper approach Ayurveda has more to offer for the complete health than the modern medicines!

For all kind of metabolic irregularities and problems Ayurveda believes in rectifying the condition by removing the cause behind problem. Here are the best herbal remedies for rectifying the metabolic irregularities of the body.