Ayurveda for Male Reproductive System

According to a survey the cases of the infertility are increasing day by day by leaps and bounds. In recent years you might have seen the increasing number of the infertility treatment centres all around you! This is a fact and Ayurveda has a lot of things to do with this case and can assure the complete health in this matter too.

Ayurveda is generally and most commonly related with sex and sexual power. There are several companies with millions of products which claim something or anything about this aspect of Ayurveda. Many of these products might be worthy in treating some conditions, but not always and companies are quacking in name of Ayurveda. Because sex is pleasure and for pleasure one can pay anything- this is the market behaviour and these companies know very well how to milk the customers.

Is there really something very amazing in Ayurveda about this all?

Does Ayurveda have something to do with sex and sexual power, really?

What Ayurveda can offer and how it can impact the health of a person?

These are some of the burning questions, when we think about Ayurveda in today’s respect- how Ayurveda is being promoted by the companies and quacks. The main thing which made many to believe this aspect is the name and fame of the Kamsutra- because this belongs to the Indian subcontinent and especially with the Sanskrit- most of us amaze about the links between Ayurveda and all this stuff. Second aspect which is most common in the western countries nowadays is the Tantra. Tantra relates to the modern day leisure and pleasure- so acceptability is more about this. But AYURVEDA HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ALL THESE.

According to Ayurveda- control on the “senses” is the prime aspect of the health, so how can Ayurveda ask or tell to be “uncontrolled”?

Ayurveda has a special branch dedicated to the sexual problems, specially of male reproductive system and this branch is dedicated to the treatment of the sexual problems. If this is a case of low sperm count- Ayurveda has something to do about this but not for the grey side of the thought. It is clearly mentioned in Charak Samhita that all this treatment of the sexual disorders is to cure the problems related with the male infertility and for best progeny, not for amusement and pleasure at all.

So Ayurveda is more curative, not just about some supplements.

The modern day lifestyle, diet and conditions are diverse for all of us and specially for the sexual system, because this is a system which closely work with both physical and psychological parts of the body. Wherever the disturbance will be there will be some problem with this system.

Psychological Part- affects the male sexual system by altering the hormones- as we all know that these are the hormones which are responsible for all the activities of the sexual system. This is the first aspect of Ayurvedic Ideology about the treatment of the male sexual system.

Diet- is the second most important part. What we eat, take effects and replicates on our bodies. According to Ayurveda- whatever we take is translated to the Shukra Dhatu at last- this is the tissue level which is responsible for the wellbeing of the sexual system. The more the tangy we wish the opposite we keep on going with the wellness of the sexual system.

Lifestyle- travelling for months, not proper sleep and unhealthy way to sleep-sit and dressings are the few parts of the lifestyle which are hampering the sexual health all over the world.

So the main important thing is to get back the healthy life and everything will be healthy by itself.