Ayurveda for Liver Diseases


The metabolic factory of the body which come across to almost everything; what we intake is liver. This might be simple food stuff, which body needs to metabolise or might be the risky-poisonous-hazardous drugs and chemicals- everything is being metabolized by the Liver. According to Ayurveda- life is dependent on the AGNI. Because this is the Agni only which makes the food available for the body and body is the result of the food. The all actions of Agni are (if not all, almost all of them) performed by the Liver alone. If our body won’t be able to digest and use the food properly- there cannot be life. This is the reason Ayurveda emphasizes a lot on the health of the liver.

Healthy digestion is the base of the complete health- is an Ayurvedic Idiom and healthy digestion cannot be possible without a healthy liver.

Modern science has millions of tools for the destruction of the liver. Most of the modern day medicines are “hepatotoxic” (poisonous for liver) but for modern science it is important that body’s vitals should be under control they don’t consider the internal damages to the body. This is the reason, modern medicine can postpone the dates of the mission of the complete health and this cannot be achieved till the day.

Ayurveda is promising in providing the treatment of the liver diseases and to keep liver healthy. There are following aspects for health of liver-

1.    Selecting the right foods for the body, according to the Doshas of the body- PROFILE YOUR BODY HERE. Whatever we ingest affects the liver directly. You give wrong and bad foods to your liver than obviously it will do wrong and negative impacts on the liver specially and through liver it will leave bad effects on the whole body. So you should be sure about the healthy aspect of everything you eat and intake.

2.    Not too much Chemicals: Liver is designated to eliminate all the chemicals out of the body so all these chemicals leave a bad effect on the liver for sure. These chemicals might be the medicines you take to stay healthy or these might be the preservatives in your packed food stuff or the heavy level of pesticides in your foods and grains. These all are responsible for the diseases of liver.

3.    Hepato-protective plan: If you are exposed to too much factors which are harmful for your liver, you must have some rescue plan. These might be the evening drinks you take regularly, or the packed foods are your only choice. You need to be more particular about your liver.

Approach of Ayurveda for Treatment of Liver Disorders:

Ayurveda has a very clear approach for the liver treatment. The main points are -

A.    Maintaining the channels of the Liver- Liver is a meshwork of the channels, where millions of channels are available and food and all chemicals keep flowing in these channels. Once these channels are occluded or blocked- there will be problem with the liver. This is something like once some pipes are blocked- there will be back pressure and this will certainly impact the channels. Liver is too brittle to face all this pressure. Once these channels are blocked this causes- Jaundice, when the layers of these channels are inflamed this is known as – Hepatitis. In cirrhosis of liver these channels are completely dead.  

B.    Protection of Liver Cells- Surround these channels there are liver cells, all the actions of the liver take place in these cells so it is important to maintain the efficiency and quality of these cells for better working of the liver.

C.    Digestion of food is important – This is very important that digestion should be proper for the betterment of the liver. Because whatever is collected from the intestines post-digestion is circulated through the liver and if this digested food carries some bad elements- undigested stuff- this will start blocking the channels of the liver like slugging. So it is important to have proper and healthy digestion for betterment of the liver.

D.   Ask the liver to perform- Modern day sciences believe that if there is some problems with the liver ask the liver to rest and don’t give any work to the liver. Ayurveda is of a different opinion. Ayurveda believes that liver should be given some work to perform so that cells of liver will rejuvenate quickly.

E.    Rejuvenation of the Liver Cells- These are the cells of the liver which do all the liver functions. There are researches available which make sure that Ayurveda herbs can rejuvenate the liver cells and make liver healthy again.

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