Ayurveda for Kidneys and Urinary System

Ayurveda for Kidneys and Urinary System

Ayurveda talks and concerns a lot about different channels of the body. These channels are available everywhere in the body and are known as Srotas. There are two type of Srotas which control the water level in the body-

Udakvaha Srotas: These are the channels which control the level of the water in the body and second are

Mutravaha Srotas: The channels destined for controlling the production, secretion of the Urine.

But nowhere with these systems, Ayurveda talked about Kidneys, yet kidneys are described by Ayurveda in detail. The relation of the kidneys is told with the Fat Metabolism as kidneys are told to be the centre for the fat metabolism. Is it weird? No, really! This is about the Para renal glands and their functions, because these are the glands which control all about the fat metabolism.

Kidneys are the capsulated channels only, there is nothing more than this. One thing is real very clear that Ayurveda has a lot of discussions and descriptions about the kidneys and urinary system.

There are four types of problems with the channels (Srotas) mainly, all these might appear all together and differently too; these are-

A.    Ati pravriti: Higher activity- when some of the works of the channels is on a higher side and uncontrolled too- examples are- Nephrotic Syndrome (where kidneys are not able to hold the proteins) etc.

B.    Sang: Blockage- this is the second main thing when there is some blockage with the channels, how things can go in a right manner.

C.    Vimarga Gamana: When things start going on the wrong routes, that depicts the state when things to be excreted start going into the blood and healthy elements are being passed in urine by the body.

D.   Sira Granthi: Collection of things in right places- when excreta which should be expelled by the kidneys and urinary system start collection and sediment in the body.

So when a science is sure about the Pathology and physiology both- then treatment is quite possible. The main treatments where Ayurveda prove itself as a boon are-

Recurrent Urinary Tract Infection: No anti-biotics and nothing harmful for rest of the body and problem with the recurrent infection can be rooted out by the proper Ayurveda treatment, because Ayurveda don’t believe in killing some bacteria but Ayurveda thinks to increase the immunity level of the body so that there wont be any problems with the body in future too.

Kidney Stones: These are the results of sediments, which keep on hardening and shape like stones. Ayurveda is a promising, non-surgical intervention in this too. Ayurveda has more than 80% results in the cases of Kidney Stones.

Kidney Failure: There are many successful cases where conditions of Chronic Renal Failure were safely and potentially healed by the well educated and qualified Vaidyas of Ayurveda.

Bed Wetting: More than 1300 cases of the bed wetting in all ages have been treated well by our Vaidyas at eVaidyaJi without any recurrence.

Problems with urine: Ayurveda can cure all the conditions with the flow of the urine- whether this is on higher side or on lower side- Ayurveda has something to do for sure with good results.

Here are herbs, which work on the urinary system and kidneys with great results-

Herbs for Kidney and Urinary System