Ayurveda for Immune System

Defence is the most important part of any nation against the intruders and enemies and to save the nation in critical times. In case of human body, diseases are worst conditions of the body and pathogens are the intruders. Nature has given us the same efficient and well equipped defence system. This defence system is known as immune system. Our immune system is not only trained to kill and destroy but also educated for bringing peace and quality of life in the body.

Moderated immunity is the most important factor for healthy life. Both- low level and excessive immunity are not good for the health. In Ayurveda immunity is compared with the Ojus- translated mostly as the nectar of life. Ojus is the ultimate result of the digestion and metabolism of the food. It is said that once every Dhatu (tissue level) is nourished by the food- the last part of the same changes into Ojus and this ojus is the most important factor for the maintenance of the health and to fight against the diseases. Ojus brings Bala (strength) min the body and this is of three types-

  • Shaja Bala: Inherent Strength against the diseases is known as Shaja Bala. For example a Kapha person will be immune to the problems with the Pitta and even these diseases appear- these will subside with some effort only.
  • Kalaj Bala: This immunity comes against the diseases with the time- age, season etc. For example in the beginning of the winters there will be more chances of the Vata Diseases and body will be immune to Kapha problems, even weather is similarly colder for both Kapha and Vata Doshas.
  • Yuktikruta Bala: This is the achieved immunity. This achievement comes through using the right herbal supplements-diet-yoga and lifestyle etc. The immunity achieved through immunization also comes under this category.

So it is important to understand the basic structure of the body (Ayurvedic body type) to know about the risk of the diseases and best way to get immune to the problems for which body is prone.

Where modern medical science talks about the immunization against some bacterial and viral conditions alone….Ayurveda works on the greater spectrum and talks about the prevention of the diseases like- Diabetes, Cardiac Diseases, Obesity too…so make a healthy choice get logged in with AYURVEDA- make your profile here.

Generally it is thought and told by many schools of Ayurveda that – how much of the ojus in the body that much will be the health! This is not right. Excess of everything is bad! And amazingly, where Ojus is cold and unctuous in nature- Ayurveda has told Haridra, Guduchi etc. herbs which are hot in nature (opposite to the Ojus) for the treatment? Is there any specific reason?

Yes! Allergy is associated with the immune system and allergy is not always due to the impaired immunity- this might be due to improper immunity too. Secondly in case of the Autoimmune diseases- immunity is again improper. In allergy where body gets on highest alert on contrary to this in case of autoimmune diseases immune system loses its senses and starts fighting against the body alone.

A defence personnel will start artillery shelling on a weak and alone person (not an enemy even)- this is the allergy and if the same defence personnel starts bombing towards his own land- Autoimmune diseases. So we need to strengthen the defence system as well as we should direct it well, only then we can achieve the perfect health with the immune system. So we need to “modulate” our immunity and should direct it in a right direction. Only strong is not enough.

Always remember that our body has all the best possibilities for the diseases- we have lungs for lung problems- heat for heart diseases and so on all the possibilities for all the diseases. The best way to stay healthy is to stay immune against the diseases and for this we should plan accordingly. We have brought the best remedies for your immune system; please check here- Ayurvedic Remedies for Improve Immunity