Ayurveda for Female Reproductive System

Definition of feminine is changing every day! The journey is complicated and long enough from behind the walls to Wall Street of every country. This journey has changed a lot of things for the women, therefore changed the pattern of diseases and health problems too for every woman. Ayurveda has discussed and underlined all the problems of females in detail. These problems might be as low as leucorrhoea (white discharge from vagina) or as complicated as the infertility- Ayurveda is very promising in treating all these conditions to the level of cure, not of just suppressing the signs and symptoms of alone.

Ayurveda understands woman body in a different prospective; for Ayurveda women are special in many ways-

Physical uniqueness of females:

Physically women are nonetheless in comparison to the male counterparts in any way. They are considered to be same by Ayurveda. The only and main difference is that- women are on a “warmer” side of the body activities. The menstrual system makes the females unique in all ways. This system not only depicts the activities and working of the hormones but also decides the activity of the body. The metabolism, working of the body, water retention etc. everything is decided and governed by the activities of the menstrual cycle. So once talking and considering about the health of females, this is very much important to underline and understand the working of the menstrual cycle. Ayurveda keeps it on cards, once thinking about the women wellness.

Psychological uniqueness of females:

Psychologically, women are far different from the male counterparts. They are strong yet brittle- emotionally. Females are more prone for an emotional and psychological out break other than any creature of the nature. Females are touchy and this makes them a glue in the families and relations. Due to all these qualities they are more exposed to the problems caused by psychological disturbances. It is true and always applicable that these all the problems- psychological or physical are interconnected to each other.

Apana Vata for treatment of the female reproductive system:

This is one among five type of Vata- Apana Vata- which is responsible for control on all the activities of the reproductive system- whether these are urinary system problems or the problems with the genital organs.

Infertility and Ayurveda

This is very serious that all around the world- females as well males are suffering from infertility. The amazing thing is it that all the tests and diagnostic reports are quite normal, but still there will be certain differences and problems with the conception of the foetus- normally. Everywhere in world this problem is proving as a boon for the physicians and they are earning millions from suffering couples. Team eVaidyaJi is all committed to the pin point solutions for the problems associated with infertility by eradicating the root causes of the same. READ MORE

Menstrual Problems and Ayurveda

Menstrual cycles; their regularity, normalcy are the two basic things related to the health and wellness of females. Ayurveda is the best option for all your menstrual problems. Not only the problems like- Amenorrhoea or Dysmenorrhoea but also the complicated problems like Pre Menstrual Syndrome or Menopausal Syndrome are well curable by applying Ayurveda in right direction.

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