Ayurveda for Endocrine System

Human body is like a vast, densely populated metro city…where all the different parts keep on working for the welfare of the complete city. You stop the one part and rest all the city will be paralyzed. For such a big and vast system it is important that messages should be conveyed from one part to another part efficiently and properly. A communication gap will derail the whole processes of the body. There are two systems, which work for this communication across the body- Nervous and Endocrine Systems.

Where nervous system is more about sensory and motor- messaging endocrine system is all about controlling the different conditions of the body by regulating and maintaining the processes. Here our main concern is the endocrine system and how Ayurveda can take a control for health on this system.

Ayurveda, which is a science of the three Doshas, can how talk about the complicated system of the endocrine glands? Is there anything to do for endocrine system from holistic system of medicines? These are two questions, which anybody can ask- should ask.

The Three Doshas and Endocrine System:

The three Doshas, which are invisible, are more about the working state and system of the body. Vata shows- high in activity and Pitta is a state where body is on a hyper mode and third is the Kapha- which tells that system is slow and sluggish. The same is the endocrinology or effect of endocrine glands on the body. There are three states of the body, under the effect of the glands-

1.    Hyper

2.    Hypo and

3.    Normal

This is the pattern of the body. Ayurveda talks about the complete body and in modern sciences we are concerned about certain objects, not the complete body. So there is nothing different in the body. If someone is gaining the weight that is the effect of the low Vata or high Kapha- and treatment is the balancing of these Doshas.

The holistic approach and endocrinology:

This is the second part which is important to be understood for better understanding of Ayurveda. According to Ayurveda- the whole system comprises the three parts- Body- Mind and Spirit. These three work in accordance to each other. The missing link between the Mind and Body on which modern sciences have poured the money in millions is the endocrine system. Endocrine system works according to the master gland (most of the cases) which is a part of the hypothalamus (where all the emotions located). This is a truth with increasing stress all around- problems with the endocrine system us increasing.

Treating the problems of the Endocrine System with Ayurveda

There are two aspects of treating the endocrine system in Ayurveda-

1.    Addressing the underlying cause:

Once we are sure that- what cause is behind a disease, than only we can make some healthy moves for the body- this is the first part of the treatment.

2.    Healthy axis between body and mind-

As we know these hormones are more like axis between the mind (not the brain) and the body, so it is important to remove the stress and to maintain the axis properly for the complete health.

3.    Maintaining the complete (wholistic wellness)-

Health never comes in parts so most important part is the complete wellness.

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