Ayurveda for Digestive System

Digestive system is the main and most important system of the body- as per Ayurveda. Where modern medical sciences think that the heart-lung-brain trio is the vital parts to stay alive, similarly as per Ayurveda this is important that digestive system will be working properly- for complete wellness. There are certain reasons behind this, these are as follows-

  1. All the Doshas are located, primarily in the Digestive System. Kapha Dosha up to the stomach and large intestine is a prime place for the Vata Dosha and in between these, Pitta is situated.
  2. Main definition of the human body is- “which is nourished by the food” is known as Kaya (the body). Once we talk about nourishment and food- everything is dependent on the digestive system alone.
  3. Agni- the fire, responsible for the life is located in the digestive system alone and it makes the digestive system more important because whatever treatments Ayurveda offers – Agni is the base for all. Ayurveda believes in rectifying and balancing the Agni alone.
  4. If there will be a fault in the digestive system- the food won’t be processed well by the digestive system and this will lead to the production of by products (AMA) in Ayurveda and these toxins will occlude the channels and will cause problems with rest all the systems of the body.

So over all, digestive system is the most important system of the body as per Ayurveda. Approach of Ayurveda towards the maintenance of the Digestive system is quite different from the other medical systems. For example- where modern medical sciences believe in pacifying and blocking the loose-motions (diarrhoea), Ayurveda believes in expulsions of the toxins out of the body and then on a second step- Ayurveda recommends to pacify the hyperactive movements of the intestines. Due to “holding” the toxins, modern medical science is bringing diseases like- Ulcerative Colitis, Toxic Megacolon and certain other complicated things.

Does the above statements about the digestive system are also applicable through modern medical sciences? Surely- here is the explanation of the same as per modern medical sciences-

  • Digestive system is the main producer of histamines (in stomach) which are responsible for the activities like Kapha in the body (The first part of digestive system is Kapha). All the digestive juices are secreted only in the middle part of the gut- Pitta and intestines are responsible for the production of the serotonin (the feel good factor and the main neurotransmitter- which controls all the activities of the nervous system) and there are more neurons and grey matter in GIT than the brain and spinal cord collectively- VATA. So all the three Doshas are there in GIT.
  • If food won’t be supplied properly to the rest of the body by digestive system- all the systems will start decaying step by step. Kaya and relation to the food.
  • Basic metabolic processes initiates with the Digestive System alone.

Because of such a deep understanding about the digestive system, Ayurveda has a lot to deliver for complete health of the digestive system. When it comes to the natural remedies for the digestive system and digestion- one can find some of the main natural herbs in all the products of Ayurveda, which helps to rectify the Digestive system.

At eVaidyaJi Wellness we follow the Ayurvedic text completely so we have always in mind that we should eradicate all the problems of the digestive system from root. So we have a complete range of Natural Herbal Remedies for Digestive System because healthy digestive system is the base of the complete health for you.

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