Ayurveda Weight Loss Program

Complete, Comprehensive and practical- these are the main three points of the Weight Loss Program by eVaidyaJi Wellness Program. Here are the main points, why our program is unique and comprehensive- 

Uniqueness of the Weight Loss Program
  • First program with involvement of- Ayurveda, Yoga, Diet and Lifestyle (four dimensional program) it makes this a complete program. 
  • Healthy program- you need not to lose the “health” in name of losing the “weight”. 
  • First program with involvement of timeless and time tested parts like Ayurveda and Yoga
  • Everything is according to your personal needs
  • We offer the complete follow up of everybody
  • Regular online support
  • Direct consultation with Ayurvedic Physicians, Personal Trainers and Yoga experts from our team

We have designed only the outlines of the program, not the boundaries. Because we understand that to complete something it is important to have the outlines but there shouldn't be the boundaries to create hindrances. We work on the different parameters, not only on the orthodox methods and parameters of the weight loss only. We do all this according to your Body Doshas and your individualization- we are sure that- 

If you are a Vata Body Type: It is easy to loose your weight but it is complicated because we understand that if we will loose your weight rapidly- it will make you prone to the diseases like - osteoporosis, neuritis and even it can complicate the condition for Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson Disease. 

If you are Pitta Body Type: Your weight can be reduced with little efforts but once you start reducing due to the unease in the system due to sudden changes you will leave it on the way and you will make a logic that your extra kilos are okay for you. 

Hey Kapha Guy: Toughest to scrap something out of your body, because there is a tendency to store and accumulate within your body. The real job ion case of you is to "stop" your body to regain the fats. 

So it is different for different people and we keep it in mind. This is all about health not alone about loosing some extra Kilos from your body. 

The program is completed in three different stages:- 

1. Register yourself with eVaidyaJi Wellness and fill the details completely. 

2. Now leave an email to us with your registration details with your interest in the Weight Loss program. our email is Vaidya{@}evaidyaji.com

3. Our Vaidyas will contact you and will let you to know how to proceed.

Second way is (If you have some confusion about the program)

Just click on the email button and forward a mail to us  and one of our Vaidyas will be in touch with you immediately

The complete program we will discuss the details of the program with you and later we will need some complete details from your end, because these are your details on which we will tailor the complete program and will let you to know about all the details. 

We cover different parts to assist you completely and the most important part of this, is the Handholding! eVaidyaJi will hold you hands and will bring the healthy changes in your life. We are not only here to