Ayurveda Vs Allopathy

Allopathy, this is the term originated from a Greek root where allopathic means- which brings different effects not related with the pathology of the disease. A system of medicines- full of side effects, in lay man’s words but anyhow this has become a synonym for evidence based system of medicine or modern medicine. This is the glittery of this system which has made this system a “conventional system of medicine” and the power of money behind this has brought it as a front line medicine and now frontline systems of medicines have become alternative medicine.

None invests in a low income business and this is the bitter truth of the health sector.

We are here not to criticize any system of medicines and not telling and asking you to leave a system of medicines. Every science and scientific system has its pros and cons, but generally we are kept unaware about the bad effect of certain systems and these systems are always projected as the best, which is not even near the truth. We are here just sharing that what are the basic differences of Ayurvedic and Allopathic systems of medicine. Here is the brief study of the points where Ayurveda and allopathy differs from each other:




Side Effects

The name and its derivation suggest that this is a system of side effects.

Completely natural, so there is no issue of the side effects.


Takes body in pieces- totally objective and incomplete. A physician of heart seems helpless to handle simple fever

Takes body as a whole. A complete physician is that who has knowledge of all the systems of medicines!


Considered as evidence based system of medicine- but not that true. The way allopathic physicians’ launches and withdraws medicines it never seems to be an evidence based system of medicines.

Ayurveda has its own principles and Ayurveda do follow these principles. Evidence are defined in a peculiar way by Ayurveda. When Ayurveda follows the nature it directly means that it is following some natural wisdom and a universal truth, which need not to be launch and withdraw. This is the reason Ayurvedic Scholars have emphasized on the thought that Ayurveda has no end and no beginning even—no launch and no withdraw.


Allopathy is totally a system of physical health and moreover this science has become a bio-engineering and bio-mechanical system of medicines- where they believe to replace/change of the organs or systems in name of treatment, not much worried about the CURE.

Ayurveda talks about complete wellness- physical, psychological, spiritual, economical and as well social wellness. For Ayurveda wellness is a complete package, not a scattered issue.


Modern day medical sciences understand the value of being natural, but these have no natural aid for the body. They believe in chemicals and synthetic things alone.

Ayurveda is completely natural and it believes that to follow the nature is the only way to achieve the complete wellness.

Therapeutic Level

On therapeutic level, modern day sciences seem to be confused for most of the time. These talk about the treatments and management...but never think about the CURE and REPAIR

Ayurveda considers Cure of a disease as the only way to go for the treatments. According to Ayurveda there cannot be less than the Cure in a medical science.

Root Cause?

You keep on plucking the leaves of a tree and this tree will never end...because growth seems on its leaves and branches but the reason for this growth is only one- the Roots.

Same applies on Diseases!

Modern day medical sciences never understand this thing and they keep on suppressing the signs and symptoms alone- not concerned with the Root Cause of a disease.

Ayurveda understands the root cause first and then applies the same understanding to root out the disease from the body, this is the reason Ayurveda achieves the complete wellness and a state of cure and back to normalcy very easily.

Diet & Lifestyle

Modern day sciences are slowly accepting the role and usefulness of both diet and lifestyle but they don’t have any specific guidelines for both, this is the reason these modern sciences are never successful against the diseases neither in curing these completely nor in preventing these.

Ayurveda is all about how to live- life. So diet and lifestyle are main concerns of Ayurveda. Medicines are not that important as important is diet and lifestyle according to Ayurveda and this is being followed completely by Ayurveda.

Complete Eradication

As modern sciences believe in suppressing the signs and symptoms, these never appreciate to remove the disease causing factors from the body. In allopathy they believe to hide the garbage under good skin.

Ayurveda considers the detoxification as a primary part of the treatments and considers that until unless the disease causing factors are available in the body, diseases will keep on popping up again and again.

These are the basic differences in Ayurveda and Allopath systems. It never means that we ask/suggest/create hatred for some scientific systems of health. No doubt, in cases of emergency and trauma modern day medical sciences have done more than the miracles and have proven life saving for everybody.