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It relates with the health quickly because we are taught that green foods are always healthy or good for health. But the most green health science- Ayurveda (the firm believer of herbs), doesn’t believe in it. Ayurveda has some other opinions about green vegetables and foods. Is this a hoax? Or it seriously relates with some issues regarding health? Let’s have a look into this and know why Ayurveda thinks so?

Green foods and vegetables- it translates – rich in cellulose and rich in roughage and these two points brings a lot of insurance to use the green vegetables in maximum for maximum health benefits. There are some main points and these are surely healthy parts no doubt. Besides these green vegetables also contain minerals and some enzymes which are important to maintain our health.

Secondly roughage of these foods helps in controlling the absorption of the fats and extra sugar through the intestines and regulates the intestines to work regularly.

Even after all these benefits, why Ayurveda condemns the use of these foods in routine? What Ayurveda says is different from the modern day sciences, as per Ayurveda there are certain reasons where beneficial foods turn to hazardous. These reasons are as follows-

Quantity: In what quantity a food/vegetable is being taken
Season: What we are consuming in a season.
Activities: In what activities we are involved with during the time we are consuming a particular type of food?
Region: Where we are located and from where we do belong?
Body Type: What is our body type.
Aggravated Doshas: Is there any aggravated Dosha in body?
How food is processed: In what method we have processed the food?

These are some points, which can turn the healthiest food stuff to unhealthy food. This is always important to keep in mind, how can we decide all the points above, we will discuss later here before let’s check what are the effects of these Green Leafy Vegetables on the body on every Dosha, one by one-

Vata: Most of the green leafy vegetables are dry and astringent. These two properties of the green leafy vegetables aggravate the Vata Dosha to excess, because these two properties increase the two characters of the Vata Dosha.

Pitta: Cellulose and roughage are not easily digestible, so body –especially stomach and small intestines- have to work harder to digest this kind of food and in the same process excessive hormones and acids are being produced by these organs. This is the reason many patients complain about hyperacidity and even ulcers after a prolonged green diet.

Kapha: These green leafy vegetables are not that harmful to the Kapha Dosha but the aggravated Vata due to this kind of food aggravates the Kapha because it dislocates the Kapha from its place and allied problems start.

These green leafy vegetables have some adverse effect on all the three Doshas and it makes Ayurveda to not to recommend these green leafy vegetables for regular uses. Let’s see on different Body Types these green vegetables- how these vegetables can create problems-

How these Gree Leafy Vegetables Affect different body types

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