Ayurveda and You

We human beings are designed “individually” and we are the best developed machines of the universe. This is the reason why we are performing the best in the universe and have travelled deep in the universe. Every machine comes with some default problems and rest of these problems come by the fault. How are we operating a machine and handling the machine- it brings the faults. Once these faults coincide with the default problems these become big and irreparable.

For example: you have a machine, suppose a computer and this computer model or version has some problems with energy. If you will use the same machine at a place where energy is fluctuating currently, surely that machine will face some serious problems with its energy handling parts and there might be some severe problem with your machine.

But you should be thankful to the manufacturer of the machine that your machine comes with a manual so that you can handle the machine with care!

What about your most precious machine....

What about your own body- which didn’t come with a manual of operational directions!!

A Y U R V E D A is there for you!!

Ayurveda is a manual for the maintence of the body and it also gives guidelines that how you should operate and handle this machine, without changing and disturbing its normal make and settings. There are two things-

Managing the Default!

Avoiding the Fault!!

Ayurveda gives us a complete vision about all this so that we won’t make mistakes and will be careful with our own body. Ayurveda is a manual with a potential to guide us for the best to do and to avoid the worst. Uniqueness of Ayurveda is- Individualization! This is the only available health science developed till the date which talks and thinks about individualization. We all are unique and our uniqueness is the individualization of all of us, which differentiates us from each other on a subtle level. Beside this Ayurveda also recommends to be together and considers social and family health as a major aspect of the health. So with individualizations Ayurveda teaches us to be together and to do the best for the mankind.

If we look are the deadliest diseases or problems with health- all top ten in the list are due to our “faults” or due to misunderstanding about the “default” and Ayurveda is the only science to underline both these major issues with the health.

This is not always true that Default conditions will be faulty alone. One’s default conditions are one’s qualities also and this increases the utility of Ayurveda because you need not to visit a psychologist to assess the inherent qualities of your baby!

Moreover Ayurveda is the first scientific compendium which talks about the diseases and their solutions and that too in a natural way! The conditions we have developed surround us nowadays are full with the opportunities for the diseases and Ayurveda tells how to “lessen” these opportunities of the diseases!

So Ayurveda has a lot to offer to you. Ayurveda has a three dimensional approach for the health, while modern medical sciences are one dimensional today. These three dimensions are:

  • CARE: To manage the healthy person’s healthy settings!
  • PREVENTION: To prevent the diseases.
  • CURE: To bring the normalcy of the health, without checking or interfering with the normal- default conditions with the health.

While modern day medical sciences are alone concentrated with the treatments (not even cure) and these treatments are so tricky that these leave hundreds of side-effects behind.

Secondly Ayurveda is of subjective approach towards the body, it believes to take body as a whole on contrary to this modern day medical sciences are objective in approach. A cardiologist can save your heart alone.....you can read this statement as ......A cardiologist can ruin your whole body (because he doesn’t understand the joints and digestive system). Allopath physicians are making money of all this- they keep on passing the patients as footballs from one to another like Ronaldo and Ronalhindo does on a soccer ground.....this football is you, my friend!

So in this era of 3D and 3G surely will opt for a format of treatment which is three dimensional and complete. Ayurveda is ancient but these few Vaidyas on eVaidyaJi.com have rediscovered the true Ayurveda for you. This makes a sense to stay healthy and to avoid the diseases.

So now you understand that you are made for Ayurveda and Ayurveda is a science which is totally made for you. This is about You and Ayurveda!!