Ayurveda About Green Leafy Vegetables

If you are Vata: These will cause abundance of dryness in your body and that will impact on the digestive system by causing irregular bowel habits in you. These leaves can increase the process of aging and can decay the calcium from your joints and can cause osteoporosis. Excess of “astringent” part of these green foods might also affect your nervous system, which is already on a risk in case of Vata Body Type.

If you are Pitta: Acid, acid and acid- these are three ill effects of the use of excessive green leafy vegetables on Pitta Dosha. First acid stands for the hyperacidity, second one is for peptic ulcers and third one is for some deeper bad effects like inflammatory bowel disorders and ulcerative colitis.

If you are Kapha: Green and green leafy vegetables will disturb the Kapha process in the body with help of other two Doshas. The main strength of the Kapha body type is strong immunity and vigour- dryness of the food will impact on a negative side on both of these both.

If you are Vata-Pitta: Because this category of the foods will aggravate both of these Doshas, certainly it will impact on the deeper level of the physiology of the body. Irritable bowel syndrome is the most common problem faced due to these foods in this Body type.

If you are Vata-Kapha: Imbalance of the dryness will cause different respiratory problems with this category of the food. The main problem is the disturbed buffer system of the body and kidney problems.

If you are Kapha-Pitta: Inflammatory changes in the parts where Kapha rules- are the main problem with this dual combination of the Doshas. Respiratory system, Urinary System and hormonal system are the most prone systems for the problems with excessive use of these foods.

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Shouldn’t I consume the green vegetables at all?

Perfect- everybody will have this question after reading the above details about these foods! This is not like total avoidance. You should consume these foods and we recommend that you should use “wholesome diet”, because once we talk about complete health, that is possible with the “wholesome (complete) diet” alone. Remember the above said Quantity, Season, Activities, Region, Body Type, Aggravated Doshas, How food is processed. You should decide according to these points always in mind and here is the explanation for all these-

Quantity: Take a mixed diet; it should be balanced one as per your body type.
Season: You should not consume excessive food in a dry season like autumn and winters.
Activities: If you travel a lot that means that your body is under the effects of the movement and because movement causes dryness so you should avoid green leafy vegetables in this condition.
Region: You are in a desert- Mexico, Arab Countries or in Rajasthan in India and likewise places- avoid consuming too much green leafy vegetables it will bring a lot of dryness, you will need more water to balance this dryness. Same applies with colder places with lot of ice.
Body Type: Above we have discussed the effects of these foods according to your body type. For more details log in to your profile and check.
Aggravated Doshas: If any of your Dosha is aggravated, specially the Vata (pain in bones, muscles, nerves) or Pitta (problems with the digestive system, liver disorders, IBS and ulcerative colitis)
How food is processed: Cook the food properly, Ayurveda tells to add some healthy fats like- processed and purified Indian butter (ghee) or sesame oil for cooking these foods.

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