15 Days Health Challenge

"First company of Ayurveda as service providers is a matter to pride but more than that we are the first company  where we believe in accepting the challenges, because these are the challenges- what make us to do better and better everyday." 

First challenge, where you have all your benefits, either you win or you loose....hardly matters. 

If you win, you will achieve most precious thing of the world- Health and if you loose (we are damn sure that cannot happen) you will get some fix price for sure. 

What is the challenge?

Challenge is to make you healthy in 15 days. 

What will you get?

A pathway to walk towards complete health, world's largest team of Ayurvedic Physicians to assist you and YOUR HEALTH (most important thing). 

What do you need to be the part of this challenge, is it complicated? 

It is as easy as 1,2,3......

1. Register yourself with us

2. Select the profile, our Basic Profile is totally Free (We request you to join BASIC PROFILE only)

3. Just follow your Profile. 

Are there any compulsions? 

We don't call these compulsions, we request you to check your profile for daily and you will certainly find something new to give you complete health.......and please follow, what our Vaidyas advise for your health. Do check your health risk every fifth day or minimum for 2 times in the period of 15 days! This we need from you and rest we will do by ourselves for you......

We are ready!!!

Are you???