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Ayurvedic Diet, Ayurvedic Dosha Diet

Those were the days when Apples, Berries, Red Chillies etc. were the things to eat........and everybody understood the importance of the foods! This is the reason those days were healthy days! ! 

eVaidyaJi Wellness has brought the same wisdom of the ancient times, stored in name of Ayurveda for you. We have not named our services by adding some name to the services like "........... Diet" because this knowledge is eternal and cannot be the properrty of an individual or an organization.

Why Diet Management is so important? This is the frequently asked question about Diet. Yes it is important and reason is very much simple- this is the diet only which covers and controls all body, mind and their mutual activities by itself. The Ayurvedic Diet we are offering here is a complete one and we have categorized the whole concept in two parts- 

Diet for staying healthy: What you eat should be compatible with your Bio-Constiution because the "favorable" will only favor you. Ayurvedic Diet Charts as per your Doshas are available with us, this is the first time- eVaidyaJi Wellness is providing the Ayurvedic Dosha Diet Charts according to seven different Prakrutis (bioconstiutions) - 
Vata body Type
Pitta Body Type
Kapha Body Type
Vata-Pitta Body Type
Vata Kapha Body Type
Pitta Kapha Body Type
Vata-Pitta-Kapha Body Type

So the best diest for you is according to your Doshas, this is the primary concept of Ayurveda while deciding the Diet of an individual.

Second part is the Diet according to Diseases, this is covered under the heading of special diets, on the website. We will be providing the detailed description of the specific diet according to diseases, for more and more problems and conditions, keep on browsing the site....and don't forget to stuble it upon! 


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