Ayurvedic Herbal Tea

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Planning for complete health?

First you need to change your habit of the tea and coffee, because these two are that much harmful for your health as can be some other things causing addiction. You need to say no to caffeine Tea and Coffee has these addictive properties, so these had set trends of using these frequently all around the globe. But issue is- is there any kind of problems these can cause? Can these problems cause some severe issues?

Unfortunately answer to both the questions is Yes. The problems associated with the uncontrolled use of Tea and Coffee is as follows-

Poor concentration and memory: If you are using the herbal tea to concentrate in work then you should be alert about this. It is common phenomenon whenever some feels stressed at work or at home, urges for a cup of tea or coffee, because it is universally thought that having a cup of tea or coffee will release the pressure on the brain and one can work with more concentration. 100% untrue. Tea and coffee both causes poor concentration due to Caffeine. So next time you wish to rejuvenate your mind by adding a cup of tea or coffee please be on alert.

Nervousness: Caffeine is reported to cause nervousness, so you cannot say good bye to nervousness of an interview by gulping a cup of tea or coffee, you are bringing more nervousness to yourself.

Problems with Gut: Human gut, GIT- gastro intestinal Tract doesn’t like caffeine too much. Caffeine causes irritation in the gut and can cause conditions like irritable bowel syndrome, hyperacidity (heartburn) and diarrhoea. So be careful about all this. Tea and coffee both demotes the absorption and assimilation of few specific nutritional parts of the food and creates the condition of malnutrition.

Cardiac problems: Recently you might have read an article somewhere that tea we are consuming or coffee you are having regularly are beneficial for your health. Apart from marketing gimmicks this is never true in any sense because it is well reported that regular use of the caffeine can cause Arrhythmia (Irregular heart beat), elevate the blood pressure.

 Headache and Fatigue: The cup of tea or coffee of yours, associated with the headache and fatigue helps to increase the headache and fatigue both. This is again an established truth that caffeine promotes both headache and fatigue, so you should not rely on your cup of caffeine- next time, your head is aching and you are tiered because the cup can add dizziness to your condition.

Bed wetting, tremors, irritation in behaviour and many other ill effects are in the list of the side effects of the caffeine. This is the problem part only. What is the solution? Is there any permanent solution of the problem? How to get rid of the ill effects of the caffeine?

Herbal Teas are the best answer to these side effect of the caffeine. 

What is the Herbal Tea? 
Herbal tea is a decoction or brew based product made up of different herbs, benficial for a single aim towards health. Like same herbs for a Dosha, all together makes a good recipe for a herbal tea.

So it is good to mix all the same quality herbs together?
No! The main thing in making a good recipe for a herbal tea is the nature of the herbs. Ayurveda has mentioned clearly that the herbs which will give off their active principle in water can only be used to make a good herbal Tea.

What is the range of Ayurvedic Herbal Teas, eVaidyaJi Wellness has? 
eVaidyaJi Wellness has almost a dozen varieties of the Ayurvedic Herbal Teas. Here are the links to these all- Herbal Tea

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